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What is meant by AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner?

In a time when cloud skills are highly in demand, Amazon Web Services has become the most preferred cloud practitioner platform worldwide. AWS cloud practitioners are constantly getting recruited to the industry’s most coveted positions, with many companies aiming to create the best team of AWS Cloud initiatives. But what is AWS certified cloud practitioner exactly?

As the name indicates, cloud practitioners are entrusted with managing a company’s cloud computing architecture. Their job is based around cloud migration initiatives whilst reviewing workload architectures. Cloud practitioners ideally serve as a connecting junction between the business side and the technical side of the cloud operations of a company. Hence, it is also under their authority to oversee that the technical findings of cloud operations are closely aligned with the business objectives of the plan.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

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What Skills are Required to Become an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

In the above section, we briefly understood what an AWS certified cloud practitioner is, but now let’s explore the relevant skills required for it.

To fulfil the role of a cloud architect, a candidate must possess a blend of technical, business, and social skills.

From a Business aspect, applicants must:

  • Have a basic understanding of the business visions of software and hardware system.
  • Be able to resolve user-end conflicts and provide efficient solutions.
  • Have an insight into the assignment’s technical aspects to assemble a convincing case for a buy-in.

From Technical Aspect, they must:

  • Be able to supervise the architecting and stationing of candidates within the AWS arena.
  • Manage the AWS cloud platform and build plans to adopt cloud solutions.
  • Have knowledge of C++, Python, Java, and JavaScript.
  • Working knowledge of tools used in the AWS platform, including Docker, Jenkins, Ansible, and Chef.
  • Good networking and security skills.

A good AWS cloud certification practitioner course helps individuals learn the abovementioned skills. But besides this, an aspirant must also possess time management skills, a learning mindset, good communication skills, and the ability to make clear decisions.

What is the syllabus of the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification course?

The following are the topics included in the AWS cloud practitioner certification course that must be given importance while preparing for the certification exam.


This topic covers approximately 36% of the syllabus content, making it an essential section to study. This includes concepts such as EC2, ELB, S3, SNS, AWS Lambda etc. Furthermore, to ace, this subject, in-depth knowledge of the core services of AWS is required.


This section covers the significant Cloud computing concepts, including scalability, fault tolerance, elasticity, and high availability. The topic contributes to 28% of the exam content; thus, by covering this, one gets closer to clearing the AWS cloud practitioner exam.


Another topic contributing to a significant chunk (24%) of this course, security, will prompt candidates to thoroughly understand concepts such as culpable management and security, cloud logs, protection of DDoS, password policies, IAM managing users etc.

Billing and Pricing

As the name suggests, billing and pricing conceptualise the understanding of serving costs for building particular services and the general account related to the cloud architecture. All this will constitute 12% of the syllabus.

What is AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials Exam?

The AWS cloud practitioner certification exam is conducted by Amazon web services globally. Which primarily intends to test the skills and knowledge of candidates who demonstrate functions in the AWS cloud platform, regardless of their technical background.

Moreover, clearing the AWS practitioner certification exam is a pre-requisites in other Big Data and Advanced Networking certification exams as an eligibility criterion. And there are a variety of Aws cloud practitioner jobs for freshers in the market for those who want to venture into job experience after the exam.

Now you understand the significance of this exam, but let’s review how to prepare for AWS cloud practitioner certification.


How to prepare for AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam?

Emphasising this exam’s difficulty level, one will have to conquer a wide range of topics to ace it. Consequently, it is difficult to clear the AWS cloud practitioner exam, but it isn’t impossible.

Here is a brief overview of how to prepare for the AWS cloud practitioner exam to get a decent score.

  1. Foremost thing to do is consider enrolling in a reputable AWS training program. Such a course will help you acquire the skills necessary to clear the exam on the very first attempt.
  2. Review the exam syllabus properly and acquaint yourself with the exam guides. This way, you can begin your course preparation with a proper blueprint. There is an abundance of guides and study material available online, which you can look into for essential information.
  3. Refer to AWS whitepapers to learn about relevant issues and methods to solve them. Such topics are widely considered in questions, and white papers will act as an excellent source for it to cover essential modules of Pricing in AWS, AWS security, using AWS to maximise value, Pricing in AWS etc.
  4. Lastly, attempt as many practice tests as possible to evaluate your preparation and firm your grasp on the content.

Benefits of AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification?

As the world suffered through a global pandemic, tons of businesses were driven to the online platform to sustain themselves, resulting in a surge of cloud operations.

Today, AWS cloud adoption is set off at the highest speed, with companies and brands on a colossal quest to find new ways to include cloud initiatives, increasing the demand for cloud skills in job prospects. This has incentivised candidates to gain cloud architecture expertise to land a high-paying gig in the IT sector.

Furthermore, AWS cloud architect has expanded to other job sectors, including web developers and data analysts, all of whom will eventually have to work with cloud practitioners. Accordingly, AWS Cloud Practitioner is proving to be a bankable certification for candidates from various educational backgrounds.

FAQs for AWS Cloud Practitioner

Is AWS Cloud Practitioner related to AWS Cloud Computing?

The AWS Cloud Practitioner is term that is coined for an individual who is seeking to acquire fluency in cloud computing. The professional is inexperienced, and has little insight on the ongoings of the cloud.
While AWS Cloud Computing is an on demand IT resource that provides services via the internet. The services are on a pay as you go basis.
The Co-relation between a cloud practitioner and the Cloud Computing is, that the cloud practitioner will know how to work their way around the cloud. The Practitioner will have a better understanding of storing data and managing the same, while working on the cloud.

How much salary does an AWS Cloud Engineer make in India?

The annual salary for an AWS cloud engineer in India with under seven years of experience ranges between Rs 2.9 lakh to Rs 13 lakh. Whereas the average annual salary is estimated at Rs 5.4 lakhs.


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