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The AWS-certified cloud practitioner certification is the ideal path for individuals looking to validate and expand their understanding of the AWS cloud and services. Especially valuable to those working in the side-lines of the managerial, technical, purchasing and sales industry, aspiring to move to the mainstream of work involving AWS cloud. On that note, passing the AWS cloud practitioner exam is a highly recommended step for them.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Test
AWS Cloud Practitioner Test

To begin with, earning this certification requires going through a multi-step preparation plan. This includes evaluating different AWS cloud practitioner certification exam dumps and attempting several practice questions. And in this post, we are headed to discuss the value of the AWS cloud practitioner practice exam in your preparation, along with other associated details regarding the certification test.

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How will these Practice Exam Questions help you clear the AWS Cloud Practitioner Test?

AWS cloud practitioner practice exam questions are ideally set to represent the latest syllabus of the AWS cloud exam. Such free sample questions help a candidate upskill their knowledge gaps in addition to testing their preparation.

Various exam sample practice questions are available in the market, including AWS cloud practitioner certification dumps. However, the one you choose should depend on whether their pattern resembles the actual exam structure and help candidates validate their understanding of the AWS cloud and core services. Furthermore, the correct set of questions must include topics such as:

  • AWS Cloud services and pricing
  • AWS Cloud concepts, such as the global infrastructure and security
  • AWS Cloud architecture and security best practices
  • AWS Cloud value proposition

Taking the AWS cloud practitioner practice exam is the best way to evaluate one’s preparation in a simulated exam environment. So you can feel confident on D-day and pass it with flying colours.

Sample AWS Cloud Practitioner Practice Exam

Question 1: What is the AWS feature that enables fast, easy and secure transfers of files over long distances between your client and your Amazon S3 bucket?

  1. File Transfer
  2. HTTP Transfer
  3. Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration
  4. S3 Acceleration

The correct answer is 3. Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration

Explanation :

The AWS Documentation mentions that:

Amazon S3 Transfer acceleration allows fast, secure and easy transfers of files over long distances between a client and S3 buckets. This transfer acceleration benefits from the Amazon Cloud front’s globally distributed edge locations. Because the data arrives at an edge location, data is routed to Amazon S3 over an optimized network path.

Therefore, options 1, 2 and 4 are incorrect as these features include transferring data but not between clients and an S3 bucket.

Question 2: What best describes the “Principle of Least Privilege”? Choose the correct answer from the options given below.

  1. All users should have the same baseline permissions granted to them to use basic AWS services.
  2. Users should be granted permission to access only resources they need to do their assigned job.
  3. Users should submit all access requests in written form so that there is a paper trail of who needs access to different AWS resources.
  4. Users should always have a little more permission than they need.

The correct answer is 2. Users should be granted permission to access only resources they need to do their assigned job

Explanation :

The principle of least privilege entails giving only those privileges to a user account that is essential to execute its intended operation.

Question 3: A large company is interested in avoiding long-term contracts and moving from fixed costs to variable costs. What is the value proposition of AWS for this company?

  1. Economies of scale
  2. Pay-as-you-go pricing
  3. Volume pricing discounts
  4. Automated cost optimization

The correct answer is 2. “Pay-as-you-go pricing”.


Pay-as-you-go pricing helps brands and companies shift from fixed costs to variable pricing models, in which they only pay for what they use. Since there are no fixed-term contracts with AWS, the mentioned requirement is met by pay-as-you-go pricing.

Question 4: A customer needs to determine Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for a workload that requires physical isolation. Which hosting model should be used?

  1. Dedicated Hosts
  2. Reserved Instances
  3. On-Demand Instances
  4. Spot Instances

The correct answer is 1. “Dedicated Hosts”.


An Amazon EC2 Dedicated Host is a physical server with EC2 instance capability fully dedicated to one’s use. Such dedicated Hosts enable one to use their existing per-socket, per-core, or per-VM software licenses, including Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, SUSE, and Linux Enterprise Server.

Note that dedicated hosts can be considered a hosting model (as it determines the actual underlying infrastructure used for running one’s workload).

All the other options are incorrect since their hosting pricing doesn’t support physical isolation.

Question 5: Which design principles are enabled by the AWS Cloud to improve the operation of workloads? (Select TWO)

  1. Minimize platform design
  2. Loose coupling
  3. Customized hardware
  4. Remove single points of failure
  5. Minimum viable product

The correct answers are 2. “Loose coupling”, and 4. “Remove single points of failure”.


  1. Losing coupling is when you break down the system into smaller components to ensure loose coupling. This reduces the interdependencies between system components, which is achieved in the cloud using messages buses, messaging services and notifications.
  2. Removing single points of failure ensures high availability and fault tolerance. And it is accomplished in the cloud by the support from the cloud architecture and features for the implementation of highly available and fault-tolerant systems.


What is the exam fee for AWS Cloud Practitioner?

The exam fee for AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is 100 USD.

How many questions are asked in the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam?

The AWS cloud practitioner certification exam contains 65 questions with 90 minutes on the clock. Fifty of these questions directly affect your score, whereas the remaining 15 are categorised as unscored questions.

AWS analyses your response to these unscored questions to evaluate them as scored questions later. However, they are not considered a part of the exam.

These 60 questions will be a combination of multiple-choice or multiple-response formats. And one will need to score a minimum of 700 out of 1000 to pass the exam (the result is scaled between 100 to 1000).

How to register for AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam?

You can register for the AWS cloud practitioner certification by scheduling an exam on the official page of AWS certified cloud practitioner.

FAQs for AWS Cloud Practitioner

What is AWS Cloud Practitioner?

An AWS Cloud practitioner works within the cloud initiatives of an organisation. Earners of this certification have all the foundational knowledge of the IT services and their uses in the AWS cloud services. A cloud practitioner demonstrates the fundamentals of AWS and cloud fluency. Furthermore,

they are equipped to identify the essential AWS services necessary to set up AWS-focused projects.

What is the average salary of an AWS Cloud Engineer?

A cloud engineer’s salary in India ranges between 2.9 lakhs to 13.0 lakhs per annum, approximately. With the average annual salary estimated at around 5.4 lakhs.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing can be defined as the delivery of computing services, including storage, networking, database, analytics, servers, software, and intelligence over the internet (the cloud) to offer flexible resources, faster innovation and increased sales.

Is AWS Cloud Practitioner certification worth the fees?

Yes, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is worth it for candidates aspiring to bag a lucrative position in the cloud space of the industry. The same can be said for all professionals, irrespective of their technical background, looking to work in roles related to cloud operations.


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