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AWS Developer Certification is awarded to individuals who demonstrate specialised knowledge and best practices for building reliable and secure cloud apps using current AWS innovation. Distributed computing allows businesses to adjust upfront asset framework costs at low, variable prices that alter over time. Many web workers are now accessible on a case-by-case basis because of this personalised responsiveness, which has eliminated the need to plan for an inaccessible future. Businesses have responded, propelling AWS to the forefront of cloud companies.

How will these Practice Exam Questions help you clear the AWS Developer Associate Test?

It is crucial to prepare for the exam thoroughly, have a sound knowledge of your concepts, and be aware of the most recent exam questions to pass the AWS Certified Developer Associate test.

The practice exam has 300 questions based on the real AWS Certified Developer Associate exam and comprises five separate groups of questions. Each question has been constructed so that the correct response(s) is/are accompanied by a plausible, detailed explanation of why that specific choice is correct or incorrect. Furthermore, the SMEs have verified and quality-checked these questions.

The AWS Certified Developer Associate exam certifies candidates’ competence in-.

  • Cloud application development, testing, and deployment on the AWS platform
  • Knowing the essential AWS services, the fundamental AWS architecture, and the best AWS practises

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Sample AWS Developer Practice Exam

You may come across various materials for your exam preparation while studying for the AWS Certified Developer Associate exam. Therefore, picking the appropriate study guide for any certification exam becomes crucial. Similarly, getting the proper AWS Developer Associate test study guide is essential to correct you in the proper order to complete your preparations. Additionally, it might give you access to helpful preparation tools, including books, white papers, manuals, online courses, and practice exams.

AWS Developer Associate Test

Let’s have a look at a few sample questions for the AWS Developer exam:

1. How may client web applications in one domain communicate with resources from another domain using S3? Select the correct response from the list of possibilities.

A. CORS Configuration
B. Permissions for Public Objects
C. Permissions for Public ACL
D. None of the above

Answer: A


Using cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) settings, client web applications loaded in one domain can communicate with resources in a separate field. With CORS, you may use Amazon S3 to create client-side web apps and selectively permit cross-origin access to the S3 resources.

2. Is an SQS queue’s default visibility timeout of one minute?

A. True
B. False

Answer: A


Each queue’s default visibility timeout is 30 seconds. For all of the queues, this setting is adjustable. The visibility timeout is often set to the average time needed to process and remove a message from the line. Without altering the queue’s overall timeout, a particular visibility timeout can be defined while messages are being received for the returned messages.

3. Does a rollback occur in Cloudformation when a fault happens while building a stack?

A. True
B. False

Answer: A


The “automatic rollback on error” feature is active by default. As long as the error is not removed, AWS CloudFormation is successfully built for a stack. This is helpful if you accidentally go over the default Elastic IP address limit or need help to reach an EC2 AMI you wish to utilise.

4. A Global Secondary Index’s partition key and sort key can differ from its base table.

A. True
B. False

Answer: A


5. A SQS queue has long polling enabled by an IT administrator. What needs to be done to allow long polling in SQS? Select the correct response from the list of possibilities.

A. Set up a queue for dead letters.
B. Change the message size to 256 KB
C. Change the queue’s ReceiveMessageWaitTimeSeconds parameter to 0.
D. Change the queue’s ReceiveMessageWaitTimeSeconds property to 20 seconds.

Answer: D


Why this matters: Amazon SQS long polling is a technique for getting messages out of SQS queues. Instead of quick polling, which delivers a response right away even if the message is empty, it only responds when a message enters the message queue.

6. A programmer is creating an app that requires access to an S3 bucket. The necessary permissions are added to an IAM role, allowing access to the S3 bucket. Which API call in the application should the developer make to enable the code to access the S3 bucket?

A. AccessRole: IAM
B. GetSessionToken (STS)
C. IAM:GetRoleAccess
D. STS: AssumeRole

Answer: D


You can access AWS resources using a set of permissions specified by a role. It is comparable to an IAM user in that regard. An application assumes a function to be granted access to perform necessary operations and communicate with AWS resources. Your account or any other AWS account may contain the part.

7. A business is developing a Lambda function that will execute in several stages, including development, testing, and production. The process depends on several external services, and depending on the function’s deployment stage, it must call various endpoints for each of these services.

What will Lambda functionality allow the developer to ensure that the code references the right endpoints when executed in each stage?

A. Aliases
B. Concurrency
C. Tagging
D. Environment variables

Answer: D


The Lambda function can create and utilise several environment variables to designate various services. How to use databases for this is seen in the screenshot below from the AWS Documentation.

8. You have set up CodeDeploy to control deployment patterns and defined a Lambda function using AWS SAM. Which of the following will quickly move traffic from the old Lambda function to the new Lambda function if the new Lambda function performs as expected?

A. Canary10Percent5Minutes
B. Linear10PercentEvery5Minute
C. Canary10Percent15Minutes
D. Linear10PercentEvery10Minutes

Answer: A


The Canary Deployment Preference type shifts traffic in intervals of two. Canary10Percent5Minutes shifts 10% of traffic in the first interval and the remaining 90% in the final 5 minutes.

9. How many highly consistent read requests are necessary for an item up to 8 KB in size in the DynamoDB table?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 4
D. 8

Answer: B


For an object up to 4 KB in size, one read request unit corresponds to one strongly consistent read request or two eventually consistent read requests. Since the item might be up to 8KB in size, the DynamoDB table requires two read request units.

10. You work on a development team that creates templates for Cloudformation. The least amount of work is required to build these templates across many accounts. Which of the following would help in making this happen?

A. Making ChangeSets for Cloudformation
B. Building StackSets for Cloudformation
C. Utilize nested stacks
D. Employ artefacts of cloudformation

Answer: B


By allowing you to create, amend, or delete stacks across many accounts and regions with a single action, AWS CloudFormation StackSets expand the capabilities of stacks. You make and administer an AWS CloudFormation template using an administrator account, and you utilise the template as the foundation for provisioning stacks into chosen target accounts across designated regions.

What is the exam fee for AWS Developer?

AWS certifications are available in a total of 12 different categories. They can be broadly categorised into various groups and divided into multiple sections. Each certification covers particular skill sets, and the certificates create a hierarchy. Depending on the subject’s level of knowledge, it starts at the fundamental level and progresses to the professional level. The specialist certification type delves more deeply into particular areas of the AWS cloud.

AWS cloud practitioner certification will cost you approximately INR 6880. The cost of the AWS associate-level certificates is around INR 10,330. The approximate cost is INR 20,700 for any Professional or Specialty level AWS certification. You can select an appropriate AWS certification based on your existing knowledge, career objectives, and cloud-related experience. Each of these certifications offers in-depth expertise in the corresponding fields.

How many questions are asked in the AWS Developer Exam?

AWS provides the choice of an online format. The Pearson VUE portal is used to schedule an online test. You must download the System Test to determine if your hardware satisfies the essential technical criteria. An examinee must call coordinators before the exam to verify that they are alone in the room.

There are 65 multiple-choice questions (MCQ), and you have 130 minutes to complete them. The associate-level AWS developer certification exam questions are broken down into several categories:

AWS developer certification exam questions are broken down into several categories

Security – 26%
Deployment – 22%
Refactoring – 10%
Development with AWS Services – 30%
Monitoring and Troubleshooting – 12%


How to register for AWS Developer Exam?

The AWS Developer Associate test is intended for candidates with vast experience in creating and managing AWS applications. Your understanding of creating, deploying, and troubleshooting cloud-based apps will be tested as part of this certification.

Registration procedures for the AWS Developer Associate Exam –

  1. To access, you must first log in.
  2. Select Certification from the top menu.
  3. Then select Schedule new exam under the AWS Certification account.
  4. Select the scheduling option at the Pearson VUI or PSI button after checking the exam you wish to take.

AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam Specifications

  • Exam Title: Associate in AWS Certified Developer
  • Exam number: DVA-C01.
  • Exam time: 130 minutes
  • Passing Score: 70% to 75%
  • Exam Evaluation:  Score on a scale of 100 to 1000
  • Multiple-choice and multiple-response questions were included in the exam.
  • Exam Languages: Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English

Exam Eligibility

  1. Must have one or more years of experience developing AWS applications.
  2. Possession of at least one advanced programming language.
  3. The capacity to build serverless application code

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