What is an AWS Developer and How to Become AWS Certified?


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With $10.8 million in sales in just the second quarter of 2020, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the market’s most popular cloud service providers. AWS adoption is accelerating, with a 29% growth rate in just one quarter. But more than simply being knowledgeable is required; you must also stay updated. Knowing several crucial AWS developer skills are in high demand right now is essential.

Continue reading to find out what an AWS developer does, the skills needed to become one, the expected salary, and how learning to code can help you achieve your career aspirations in the AWS industry.

What is AWS Developer?

An Amazon Web Services (AWS) developer builds software and other applications for Amazon’s cloud computing infrastructure. To create the apps required by the company, these cloud computing experts rely on the more than 200 functions provided by the AWS platform.

AWS Developer

AWS developers use Amazon Web Services to develop web applications and other software for companies. They create, implement, and maintain the cloud infrastructure for an application. In addition, cloud computing entails protecting data security. Best practices are used to minimise any form of leak.

AWS Developer is one of many companies looking to fill positions. Engineers for cloud support, architects, strategists, and others are among the other positions.

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What is AWS Developer Associate?

AWS developer associates create, administer, and keep up the cloud-based infrastructure needed to operate web applications in AWS’s cloud. AWS developers are employed by many businesses outside of Amazon, including production studios and software solution providers like Deloitte and agencies like Deloitte. A career in AWS offers various work options regardless of your interests because it is used by many businesses (from hospitality to entertainment and advertising).

What AWS Developers Do?

AWS developers are experts who design applications or other programmes for the Amazon Web Services cloud computing infrastructure. The primary purpose is to streamline an organisation’s utilisation of AWS services. These services range from data storage to authoring code and content distribution.

The tasks and responsibilities of AWS developers are described in detail below.

Application Development and Design

Developer’s primary responsibility is designing and creating dependable applications for Amazon Web Services. The cloud services provider has more than 200 features intended to make their jobs easier. Developers must master them to do their jobs well. They are anticipated to be highly competent since they will build these applications.

Communicating with Customers and Stakeholders

These experts are responsible for updating their clients on their assignments’ status. They must ensure that guidelines are followed and that clients and developers communicate effectively. They must fully comprehend the goal and vision of the client to accomplish this.

Cloud-based Application Debugging

Applications frequently have issues. Delivering solutions and resolving problems fall under your purview as an AWS developer. Debugging or troubleshooting the applications you made is a part of your job.

Infrastructure Relocation

As more firms choose to transfer their systems to the cloud, infrastructure migration has become more and more common. Some organisations may employ you to move their current infrastructure to AWS because AWS has many tools. Your skill set will greatly benefit from understanding the ideas and procedures that support successful migration.

What is AWS Developer Associate?

The next step is to learn more about the skills expected of you as an AWS developer now that you are familiar with your responsibilities. We delve further into the abilities you should emphasise in your training or courses in this part.

Cloud Development using AWS

You will have the AWS platform as your domain; therefore, you must be familiar with every inch of it. You must be highly skilled with AWS-based applications to be an AWS developer. Any applicant for an AWS position should have a lot of experience working on various AWS-related projects.


Software and Web Development

Your primary areas of specialisation are web and software development. This covers RESTful APIs, good web design, and UX/UI design. To supply the commands required to create cloud-native applications, you must possess comprehensive knowledge of coding languages for cloud architecture. Your proficiency in web design and development will determine how your programme functions overall and how it looks.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills

The ability to communicate effectively is another requirement for an AWS developer. A strong relationship with the client can be maintained to a great extent through effective communication. You also need strong interpersonal skills to maintain positive working relationships with your coworkers, mainly if you operate in a team.

Additionally, it will be beneficial if you have the AWS developer certification. This demonstrates to potential employers that you are familiar with the platform and how to use it to address business issues.

How to Become an AWS Developer

To begin your journey toward becoming an AWS developer, you must have experience with application development. Even though an AWS developer may be required to carry out many activities, development is at the core of everything because you’ll be creating or overseeing software solutions.

In the section below, we’ll look at some of the most common ways to enter this field.

Learn the Right Skills

To become an AWS developer, one must establish a strong foundation in the subject. You can opt to study for a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a similar discipline to do this. Coding boot camps, which allow you to obtain the skills required for an entry-level career in a matter of months, are another choice swiftly gaining popularity.

Get Professional Certification

After gaining sufficient professional experience, you can take a certification exam to acquire a respected credential. Numerous AWS certifications that Amazon offers will significantly boost your resume and your chances of getting a well-paying job. Since there is a growing need for AWS engineers, obtaining a certification can make you stand out.

Apply for Internships

An IT company’s internship programme is an excellent method to develop new skills and work on practical projects. You can enhance your technical abilities by taking advantage of the internship possibilities offered by various tech companies. Working and working with coworkers while you are an intern is a demanding experience that will prepare you to become a qualified AWS developer.

How to Get AWS Developer Certificate

As an AWS developer, obtaining a professional certification can significantly enhance your worth. Naturally, Amazon, the organisation that created the AWS platform, is the best place to go for these certifications. The top AWS development certifications are shown below. Consider using practice tests from websites like Udemy and Coursera to prepare for some of these certifications.

Associate AWS Certified Developer

Developers having at least a year of experience creating AWS-based apps are eligible for the AWS Certified Developer – Associate certification. You need to be proficient in at least one high-level programming language to be eligible to take this exam.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam students should have at least a year of professional experience creating systems on AWS. Regarding AWS, you must be familiar with network and security technologies.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Certified

You need at least six months of practical experience with the AWS cloud platform, and a solid understanding of IT services using AWS to sit for this well-known certification test.


In this article, we have extensively discussed the job profile of an AWS developer, the skills required to become a certified developer, and the right path to becoming a professional AWS developer. Go through the article thoroughly and plan your career in this field perfectly.


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