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What is AWS Certification Course?

Amazon is a market leader in providing cloud-based services in the form of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is world's most adopted cloud platform. Millions of customers from tech giants like Netflix to small start-ups are entirely dependent on AWS. Organizations need individuals with excellent cloud skills to help them transform their business needs. AWS Training & Certifications help learners to build and validate their cloud skills so that they can get maximum benefits from the cloud.
Whether you are an IT professional, business leader or someone looking to understand AWS services, AWS training and certification can be ground breaking both for your career and for your organization.
EduBridge India is an AWS Authorized Training Partner; status which is only given few selected ATPs around the world. AWS recognizes our ability to deliver AWS training with highest and consistent quality. Individuals who joins us for AWS Training and Certification program get to learn about various services of AWS; both in theory as well as hands-on. We stand out in the market because we provide cloud pre-requisites with our foundational courses - especially for those learners who are having very little knowledge about cloud. When they step out from EB, our learners become an expert in AWS cloud services

Why enroll for AWS Course?

Increase your salary worldwide across all industries. AWS certified IT professionals earn an average salary of USD 137,000 per year, according to the IT Skills and Salary Report. Salary ranges vary based on location, job role, and experience.
Be ready for the future to embrace the new norm by staying relevant to where business processes are migrating to cloud and other hybrid environments. Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification training helps you to stand out from your counterparts.
The AWS Subject Matter Expert program allows individuals to gain a deeper understanding of AWS' services and features.

Who can take up AWS Certification Training?

Aspiring AWS professionals
Anybody who is looking to gain knowledge of AWS Certification training across various technologies
Anybody who is looking to clear their respective AWS certification exams

Available AWS Certification Courses


Expert Certification Course in Cloud Computing with Generative AI in collaboration with IBM

1500  Hours of Training Certification
Rating 4.4 stars by 5646 learners

Architecting on AWS

30  Hours of Training Certification
Rating 4.5 stars by 5966 learners

AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials

36  Hours of Training Certification
Rating 4.4 stars by 5935 learners

AWS Certification Courses by Role or Solution

Unleash your potential with AWS
Know more about the learning opportunity by role or solution area
Learning opportunity by role based
Solution Architect

A solution architect in AWS designs and implements cloud-based solutions by identifying suitable AWS services, determining the architecture and ensuring solutions that meet business requirements are scalable, secure and cost-effective.

Learn all about the cloud and technical skills to design high-functioning systems.
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Cloud Practioner

A cloud practitioner in AWS understands the basics of AWS cloud computing and ensures efficient use. AWS resources, monitor and manage services and support technical teams in the organization.

Learn about the cloud fundamentals, implementation and solutions
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Creating applications and deploying them on AWS infrastructure is the role of a developer in AWS. The developer uses AWS services to develop, test and deploy applications which are scalable, secure and cost-efficient use of AWS resources.

From design to deployment, learn how to maintain AWS applications using programming and DevOps.
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DevOps engineers or operations teams ensure that the infrastructure is running seamlessly and identify and resolve issues and optimize the environment for better and high performance and run cost-effectively.

Master to design, deploy and manage AWS Cloud Systems.
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DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer in AWS is responsible for the development, deployment and maintenance of software applications and infrastructure of the cloud. They are responsible to use their skills in both software development and operations to ensure the smooth and reliable delivery of applications.

Develop DevOps skills and practices AWS infrastructure, security, cost optimization, and collaboration for scalability.
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Learning opportunity by training based

Networking in AWS teaches individuals on how to design, deploy and manage networks on the cloud using AWS services. Covers topics such as VPC, Route53, ELB, and security groups, enabling individuals to build secure, scalable, and highly available networks on the AWS cloud.

Understand how to design and implement AWS and hybrid network architectures.
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Data Analytics

Data analytics in AWS helps individuals develop data analysis and visualization skills using AWS services and resources like AWS Documentation and AWS Big Data.

In-depth understanding of data warehousing, data lakes, big data, etc. and maintaining AWS analytics solutions.
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Machine Learning

Machine learning services like amazon SageMaker, Amazon Rekognition, and Amazon Comprehend, etc. help individuals to learn on how to develop and deploy machine learning models using AWS.

Gain knowledge on how to automate tasks, improve experiences, and optimize operations with insights.
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AWS provides various security services and features such as AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), AWS Key Management Services (KMS), AWS Security Hub, etc. to help secure applications and data on AWS platform.

Thorough understanding of AWS security processes and best practices for platform protection.
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AWS offers serverless computing services such as AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and Amazon DynamoDB which enables developers to build and run applications without managing servers.

Learn and develop serverless skills to run code, manage data and application integration on AWS.
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AWS offers storage services such as Amazon S3, EBS, EFS and Glacier for various uses such as an object, block, file and long-term archival storage.

Understand how to create, manage and architect highly available storage solutions on AWS.
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Reasons to choose AWS courses with certification from EB

Learn from AWS Authorized Training Partner. Our trainers are AAI - Amazon Authorized Instructors who are trained to deliver the course contents in highly efficient manner.
Proper hands-on lab experience with each and every session.
Stay up to date with regularly updated course content and newly introduced/updated services of AWS.
Course fees is inclusive of 100% discount exam vouchers.
Only ATP in the world who is providing pre-requisite content with foundational courses for learners who don't have prior experience in cloud.

AWS Certification

Exam Booking Process

Various career opportunities that can arise with AWS Certification

Cloud Architect

AWS architects, AWS cloud architects and AWS solutions architects design and manage cloud-based solutions which include network architecture, security, and scalability. This architect helps in making recommendations in AWS toolsets and they keep up with the latest in cloud computing.

DevOps Engineer

AWS architects, AWS cloud architects and AWS solutions architects design and manage cloud-based solutions which include network architecture, security, and scalability. This architect helps in making recommendations in AWS toolsets and they keep up with the latest in cloud computing.

Cloud Architect

AWS architects, AWS cloud architects and AWS solutions architects design and manage cloud-based solutions which include network architecture, security, and scalability. This architect helps in making recommendations in AWS toolsets and they keep up with the latest in cloud computing.

Cloud Security Specialist

Cloud security specialists ensure the protection, security and compliance of cloud-based solutions. Including identity and access management, encryption, and threat detection according to the latest security best practices.

Big Data Analyst

Cloud data architects or big data analysts are the ones who know how to leverage, analyse and process large volumes of data using AWS data services like Amazon S3, Redshift, and EMR.

Machine Learning Engineer

A Machine Learning Engineer in AWS is responsible for developing and deploying machine learning models and applications using AWS AI/ML services like Amazon SageMaker, Rekognition, and Comprehend. They design and implement data pipelines, train and fine-tune models, and deploy them into production environments.

Cloud Consultant

Cloud consultants provide organizations with technical skills and expertise in strategizing, designing and deploying AWS cloud solutions to meet the organization's requirements. They also consult organizations with specific issues related to performance, security and data.

FAQs related to AWS Professional Certification

  • Cloud computing fundamentals, AWS services and solution, AWS architecture and design, AWS security and compliance, DevOps, etc. depends on which AWS professional certification the learner opts for. Basically, a learner will learn all about cloud computing and the technical skills required from building to the deployment of applications and later manage the database as well and all in a cost-effective manner.

  • If you are: an AWS aspiring professional; an Individual looking to gain knowledge of AWS Certification Training across technologies; Individuals looking to clear their AWS certification exams.
  • Other criteria depend on which AWS online course' you choose

  • The objectives of AWS online training are: To learn fundamental concepts of IT and concepts, principles and best practices of AWS and cloud computing; Learners to get complete knowledge and hands-on experience with AWS services; AWS certifications to validate the learnings. These certifications are globally recognized and highly valued in the IT industry.

  • Becoming AWS certified depends on various factors such as prior knowledge or understanding of AWS or any AWS-certified course you are applying for.
  • Generally, it takes weeks or months depending on your availability. A full-time job and other commitments investing 80 hours usually take two months. A newbie in AWS takes up to 120 hours to three months to prepare.

  • You can enroll for the training by:
  • Choosing the relevant AWS Certification best suited for your interests and requirements.
  • Choosing your schedule for the same.
  • Enroll by making the payment.
  • Our team will get in touch with you to explain about the induction in our welcome call.

  • Training by Amazon Authorized Instructor (AAI)
  • AWS Certified content via e-books.
  • AWS lab access for Technical Essentials, Associate and Professional level courses.
  • Course completion certificate
  • 100% discount AWS certification exam voucher

  • Learn from AWS's Authorized Training Partner
  • Learners who are not well-versed with the cloud would get well-packaged pre-requisite content on cloud fundamentals. EB is the only ATP in the world providing this facility.
  • AWS Certification Exam vouchers worth 100$ (foundational), 150$ (associate), and 300$ (professional) are included in the respective course fees.

  • Learner mode will be via online lectures - vILT (Virtual Instructor Led Training)

  • Yes. AWS Certification Exam vouchers worth 100$ (foundational), 150$ (associate), and 300$ (professional) are included in the respective course fees.

  • a. AWS offers its certification exams through two test delivery providers in Pearson Vue and PSI worldwide. As a participant, you can check both providers and see which is more suitable for you. The AWS certification exams can be taken with both in-person proctoring and online proctoring. Check out the nearest Pearson Vue and PSI centers at your location to get more details on the same. Details for the same would be visible on the AWS website: Click on schedule and exam and log in via your personal Amazon credentials. You'll be able to choose your desired certification, date, and time along with your desired language for the exam as well as the proctor.

  • Since AWS constantly updates and upgrades its services for customer satisfaction, it becomes important for learners to keep themselves upgraded with the latest content. Hence, your certification will be valid for three years upon clearing your relevant AWS certification examination. After the validity period of three years, you need to maintain your AWS certification by demonstrating continued expertise through a recertification program.