Is AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Worth It?


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The AWS-certified cloud practitioner program has widely assisted businesses and organisations in creating a valuable team of employees with critical knowledge of cloud operations. Through this certification, recruiters now have an easier time validating a candidate’s understanding of AWS cloud basics and the value it brings to their team. However, from an employee’s perception, is AWS certified cloud practitioner worth it?

At some point, most aspirants ask this question, “AWS cloud practitioner is it worth it?” But surprisingly, the answer depends on their work experience. If you’re a highly experienced developer adept in the field of IT, getting an AWS practitioner certification may not soar your career. However, if you’re a beginner stuck with working on the sidelines of the industry, then adding this certification to your resume will undoubtedly give your credentials a new light in front of recruiters.

This is because artificial intelligence and machine learning are propelling businesses towards cloud initiatives. Therefore, companies today actively involve professionals with cloud computing knowledge, especially AWS-related services, to join their team with lucrative offers.

As a result, AWS certification is showing a rise in demand. Consequently, if one wants to get an edge in the competition and stand out, these certification becomes worthwhile investments.

Is AWS certified Cloud Practitioner worth it?

What is AWS Cloud Practitioner?

Now that we have given you an idea as to why AWS cloud practitioner is worth it? Let’s explore what does the job entail exactly?

AWS-certified cloud practitioner is an Amazon-offered IT certification. Beholding which a candidate validates their broad-range understanding of the core AWS services, independent of a specific job role. Additionally, such professionals are well aware of various cloud impacts on a business and thus can be relied upon for making important decisions related to cloud investments in a company.

An AWS Cloud practitioner is often tasked with managing a company’s cloud computing architecture. Therefore, the certification trains them well in tasks involved in the role; reviewing workload architectures, handling cloud migration initiatives, and guiding a company team to address high-risk risk issues etc.

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Is AWS Cloud Practitioner Worth for Non Technical Persons

Since the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner offers foundational knowledge about the AWS Cloud concepts, terminology and services, it becomes the ideal starting point for individuals from non-technical roles and no prior IT experience to launch their career as an AWS practitioner. The practitioner certification is comprehensive and covers only prominent AWS cloud concepts without divulging any specifics of any tool or service.

This is why AWS cloud practitioner is known as an associate-level certification and why most cloud and networking professionals earn their badge at the start of their careers. On that note, the AWS cloud practitioner certification is perfect for candidates from non-technical backgrounds looking to explore work in the cloud sector.


What are the requirements to become an AWS Cloud practitioner?

The AWS-certified cloud practitioner does not examine skills based on any specific job operations. However, one can follow the requirements before attempting the certification exam.

  • AWS cloud experience for six months.
  • Fundamental knowledge of how the IT services are used on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Platform.
  • Knowledge of AWS core services, billing and pricing models, security principles and the cloud’s impact on businesses.
  • Have a decent grasp of the technical aspects of the projects.
  • Understand how the hardware and software systems bring value to business visions.
  • Know how to resolve scalability issues.
  • Be able to develop plans for cloud adoptions.
  • Knowledge of Python, JavaScript (including BASH scripting), Java, and C++.
  • Have networking and security skills.
  • Understand data security and compliance laws.
  • Be able to supervise the architecting and deployment of applications with the AWS platforms.

As we mentioned, there is no specific requirement to become an AWS-certified cloud practitioner. Although to elevate their chances at the exam, candidates should familiarise themselves with relevant jargon, all of which can be quickly learned at a reliable cloud practitioner essential course where they can build a more substantial base of AWS cloud understandings.

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What is AWS Cloud Practitioner certification cost in India

The AWS cloud practitioner certification cost in India is approximately INR 6880.

What is AWS Cloud Practitioner certification cost in India

This course is available to software developers, solutions architects, and IT professionals who want to advance their knowledge of development utilising AWS Services. Under the supervision of a knowledgeable AWS teacher, they will learn how to build scalable and secure cloud apps using AWS services and developer tools, including the AWS Software Development Kit (SDK) and AWS Command Line Interface (CLI).


In the points mentioned above, we have given you a brief answer to “is AWS cloud practitioner worth it” for your career. Furthermore, the other essential aspects of the concepts, such as prerequisites and cloud practitioner exam cost, are also described.

Lastly, remember that any AWS cloud certification validates the candidate’s cloud expertise, giving you an industry-wide recognised credential. Therefore, going ahead with the AWS cloud practitioner certification will essentially prove to be beneficial in a long run.

FAQs on AWS Cloud Practitioner

Is the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam free?

The AWS cloud practitioner exam fee is 100 USD.

How to do AWS certification verification?

Amazon Web Services’ official page has given details on how to do AWS certification verification. The first way is using the digital badge provided to everyone who earns any AWS certification. Each digital AWS certification badge has an option to verify it, which checks and displays the certification issue date along with the issuer (AWS training and certification). The links to these badges are unique for each candidate and can be linked to social media or website pages.

Another way to verify the digital certificate is using the validation number located on the bottom right of every AWS certificate. Earners who download the AWS certificate from their AWS certification account can verify it using the validation number.

What is cloud computing in AWS? Is it the same as AWS Cloud Practitioner?

Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of IT resources over the internet, primarily following pay-as-you-go pricing. In this branch of services, one can assess technology services like computing power, databases, and storage, as per need criteria from a cloud provider like Amazon Web Services.

Cloud computing is identified as a critical tech skill helping companies attain the above benefits. However, it is much more skill-specific and less beginner-friendly than AWS cloud practitioner.

Do AWS Cloud Engineers get paid well?

An AWS cloud engineer earns between ₹ 2.8 Lakhs to ₹ 13.2 Lakhs in India, with their estimated average annual earnings being ₹ 5.4 Lakhs. The income range is highly variable; moreover, in this field, there is always room to grow with experience.


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