How to get AWS certification?


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With the undeniably extensive growth that cloud computing has experienced in recent years, it is not surprising that Amazon web services has become the most in-demand skill in IT sector. Companies aim to incorporate AWS solutions somehow thereby, projecting the upcoming surge in demand for AWS-certified professionals worldwide.

This concludes it as an excellent time for experienced IT professionals to one-up their skills and switch careers to go into the most lucrative streams such as AWS architect, developer, and administrator by attaining an AWS certification.

AWS certification
AWS certification

In addition, candidates can verify their cloud-based knowledge to their clients to become eligible for AWS-related jobs through such certifications. Thus, it leaves you with no good reason not to pursue an AWS certification.

In this post, we bring you an extensive guide on how to get AWS certification to help you understand the process in detail and get you started.


Conduct thorough research on the various courses

To answer your question “How to get an AWS certificate”

Steps to be followed:

  • Enrol in a suitable course
  • Schedule the certification exam
  • Practice through various study materials
  • Attempt the exam when prepared

However, this is an overview of the entire process and in detail it goes way beyond.

Ideally, we suggest that candidates thoroughly research which certification and course they want to enrol in. For instance, AWS currently offers 12 certificates:

  1. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01)
  2. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional (DOP-C01)
  3. AWS Certified Developer – Associate (DVA-C01)
  4. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate (SOA-C02)
  5. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional (SAP-C01)
  6. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (SAA-C03)
  7. AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty (ANS-C01)
  8. AWS Certified SAP on AWS – Specialty (PAS-C01)
  9. AWS Certified Security – Specialty (SCS-C01)
  10. AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty (DAS-C01)
  11. AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty (MLS-C01)
  12. AWS Certified Database – Specialty (DBS-C01)

Once you decide which certification to attain, selecting the most relevant course will become easy. Naturally, countless courses are available online to prep for individual AWS certification. Thus, to determine the best one for you research how well they perform in your prioritized criteria.

Decide which course you want to pursue

We previously asserted the extreme importance of joining the most relevant course for the AWS certification exam. But deciding which one to choose can be challenging for anyone.

For your better understanding, here are a few key fundamentals that an AWS certification course must teach you to elevate your chances of success:

  • Choose a course that lets you learn the AWS cloud platform from home at any time and at your own pace. But also offer offline tutorials for better interaction.
  • Ideally, it should teach everything from the AWS basics and foundational to advanced cloud technologies.
  • Constitutes industry experts as faculties with years of experience.
  • Most importantly, it provides reliable study guides with only the quintessential topics.

In short, an up-to-date, engaging and comprehensive online course should be your perfect option to learn about Amazon Web Services adequately.

Enrol for an online course

Do you wonder how to get certified in the AWS cloud practitioner role, especially as individuals without AWS expertise? The easiest way is to enrol in a respected fundamental level course to learn the basics of AWS.

Enrol for an online course
Enrol for an online course

One such course is the AWS Cloud practitioner essentials by EduBridge.This is an online foundational course intended for individuals seeking to learn the basic AWS concepts, including AWS services, pricing, security, and architecture making it perfect for individuals belonging to roles (legal, sales, management etc.) on the outskirts of the IT sector but with no prior hands-on lab experience.

To enrol in the AWS Cloud practitioner essentials by EduBridge:

  • Visit the official page for AWS Cloud practitioner essentials by EduBridge.
  • Review here the course details, eligibility criteria, and syllabus.
  • Click on the Enroll Now option.
  • Log in by verifying your email and phone number, and navigate to your student dashboard.

And from here, you can explore more courses or enrol on the AWS Cloud practitioner essentials by EduBridge.

How long does it take to get AWS certification results?

According to AWS Certification guidelines, you can expect to receive your comprehensive exam results within five business days after finishing your exam. These results will be accessible through your AWS Certification Account, specifically in the Exam History section.

For beta exams, the results are usually released within 90 days (or 13 weeks) from the conclusion of the beta exam. As soon as your beta exam results are ready, you will receive an email notification, and you can view your results in your AWS Certification Account.

Prepare for the exam

We all understand that preparing for any certification exam is difficult. Accordingly, here we present the essential steps to help you prepare for the AWS certification exam.

  • Read the AWS certification exam guide:

Irrelevant to which certification type, the exam guides assist in getting you an idea about the critical areas to focus on while preparing for the exam. They are well-equipped with exam objectives and instructions, which must be followed to pass any certification exam.

  • Familiarize yourself with the syllabus:

The syllabus of the exam includes the subject area and vital topics that constitute the majority of the certification exam scores. Read those carefully, and then start your preparation with the best study material for each subject area.

  • AWS Whitepapers:

White papers are other important sources of information for AWS certification exams. One can easily find them on AWS’s official page, and they cover basic topics such as economics, architecture, and security from them.

  • Attempt AWS practice questions:

Attempting AWS practice questions will complete your preparation to perfection. They help you build concepts and better understand what can be expected in the final exam. There are various versions through which one can practice, including attempting sample tests, AWS dumps, previous year AWS questions, etc. Furthermore, practice tests are quintessential for self-assessment as long as they are based on current and relevant topics.

Things to keep in mind during and after the exam

You only need to focus on attempting the most from your retention during the test. So, keep your head clear. For online proctoring remove any distractions in your vicinity and ensure to run a system test on your device before you begin the test. If you’re attending a test center, ensure you reach the location 15-30 minutes early.

The exam results will be posted to your AWS certification account under exam history within five business days. However, it can delay due to some exceptional security and technical reasons. If you fail the exam, you must wait 14 days to retake it. Although, there is no limit on exam attempts, one must pay the full registration fees for each attempt.

If you have passed the exam, you can not retake the same certification exam for two years. Unless the exam is updated with new guides and exam series code in which case you can take the updated exam before two years duration.

Remember that all AWS certifications have a 2-year expiration period after which you must get recertified. Furthermore, once you get your practitioner certification, you can schedule a test for the associate level as well.


FAQs on How to get AWS Certification

What is the full form of AWS certification?

The full form of AWS is Amazon Web Services certification.

How long does it take to get AWS certification?

The exact time it will take to get AWS certification is variable. For instance, if a candidate is new in cloud operations but has some IT experience, they can take up to 90-100 hours with dedicated preparation to pass the AWS certification exam.

What are some of the best AWS certification courses?

A good AWS certification course shall train you to become a master of the core cloud skills required to ace the targeted certification exam. Moreover, it must accustom important topics, has affordable pricing, and offers industrial expertise at a self-paced. Following these criteria, the most popular AWS certification courses are:

  • AWS Cloud Solutions Architect
  • AWS Fundamentals
  • DevOps on AWS

All of which are offered by Amazon Web Services.

Which AWS course is highly recommended for beginners?

Numerous AWS courses online are well-suited for beginners wanting to learn the basics of AWS security concepts and the foundational AWS services. Amazon Web Services offers the most reliable one: AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials.

What is the cost of AWS certification?

AWS certification exam fees are variable depending on the level of certification one gets:

  • The cloud practitioner exam costs 100 USD
  • Associate-level exams cost 150 USD
  • Professional level and speciality exams cost 300 USD

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