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One of the most popular qualifications for a cloud engineer- the AWS solutions architect associate certification is a valuable investment for candidates aspiring to bag the most lucrative jobs in the sector. Although there are several other players in the cloud space platform, Amazon web services (AWS) certification is still the market’s most relevant and sought-after title. Subsequently, having it on your resume will be beneficial regardless of your educational background.

Now, with all this information, the million-dollar question arising is how to prepare for the AWS solution architect associate exam. Answering this along with other associated queries, will be the focus of this article:


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Tips for passing the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Exam

The stakes are incredibly high for an AWS aspirant, and we are here to give you quick tips on how to study for the AWS solutions architect examination in order to pass the test with flying colours.

1. Visit Official Certification Page

First and foremost, visit the AWS official site and browse through the certification page to learn more information about the exam. Further, you’ll get an option to download the study guide, white papers, and FAQs to get an overview of the examination content.

2. Read the AWS books

The correct selection of study books can either make or break your exam preparation; therefore, pay close attention when buying the material. Naturally, one should start by opting for the guides downloaded from the AWS official page and then study their way up to other relevant source materials.

3. Review AWS White Papers

White papers are the most recommended reading topics for AWS certification preparation. As these can do a great job in helping candidates get an idea of Amazon Web Services. Some important white papers that candidates must consider are :

  1. Architecting for the Cloud: AWS Best Practices
  2. AWS Storage Services Overview
  3. AWS Security Best Practices
  4. Overview of Amazon Web Services
  5. AWS Well-Architected Framework

4. Attempt Practice Tests

Practising test questions are the fundamentals to qualifying any professional exam, including the AWS certification. Whether they include previous year, frequently asked, or mock test questions, practice tests are the best technique overall to get clarity of the concepts and test one’s own level of understanding.

Although the options are abundant, however, a candidate must enrol on a test series that:

  • Includes questions based on the actual exam format with hands-on labs integrated.
  • Must allow unlimited attempts.
  • Enable practice mode for practising individual questions at a time.
  • Gives a detailed report on your strengths and weaknesses

Amazon Web Services page has its own FAQs section that includes all relevant questions for the AWS certification exam.

How tough is the AWS solution architect associate exam

AWS solutions architect exam

It is evident from the most basic understanding of the AWS exam that its toughness level will be higher than other cloud-based exams. Thus, buying a stack of practice tests and surfing through them repeatedly will not suffice. Instead, candidates must compute a long list of business and technical skills with focus and determination to ace the test.

To evaluate how tough is AWS solution architect associate exam, one must get thoroughly acquainted with the source material, sample and frequently asked questions, video lectures, etc. And thereon create a blueprint of most essential topics reflecting on the difficulty of the exam.

To help you better understand how to prepare for the AWS certified solutions architect exam and its difficulty level, we are providing you with a list of the most covered topics in the AWS exam:

  • Database
  • Compute
  • Disaster recovery
  • Cost management
  • Management and governance
  • High availability
  • Microservices and component decoupling
  • Security
  • Migration and data transfer
  • Storage
  • Networking, connectivity, and content delivery
  • Serverless design principles

How many questions in the AWS solutions architect exam

There is a total of 65 questions asked in the AWS solutions architect exam, in either multiple choice or multiple response format, wherein the time given to complete the exam is 130 minutes.

What is the exam fee for AWS solution architect?

The exam fee for AWS solution architect certification costs 150 USD. Additional costs may be included.


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