What is AWS Solution Architect?


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In terms of demand for tech jobs, cloud architects are expected to rank second in 2021. For enterprises moving their current workloads and infrastructure to the AWS cloud, this role is responsible for planning and creating cutting-edge cloud-based solutions. Cloud architects can rapidly provision and dispose of infinite virtual resources using Amazon. It might be confusing because there are so many services you need to learn about, and storing infrastructure and data on the cloud can become a security nightmare if not done correctly.

What is AWS Certified Solutions Architect?

Inside the AWS Cloud, a Solutions Architect for AWS designs develops, delivers, and supports mission-critical infrastructure and business applications. They have acquired knowledge and abilities that will enable them to create cutting-edge cloud-based solutions, transition current workloads to the cloud, and more.

AWS Solution Architects assist businesses in creating and implementing cloud solutions using Amazon Web Services (AWS). They collaborate with clients to comprehend their objectives and requirements and design and develop the most effective and efficient solution. They also work with other teams on AWS projects to guarantee that the answer is applied effectively and appropriately. They also keep an eye on the solution’s effectiveness and resolve any problems that might crop up.

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What are the roles & responsibilities of an AWS Solution Architect?

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

An AWS Solutions Architect may have a variety of roles and responsibilities, such as:

  • Creating, constructing, and sustaining the company’s cost-effective, scalable cloud systems.
  • Understanding the company’s business goals and developing cloud-based solutions to support them
  • Digital transformation is transferring antiquated systems to the cloud to increase organisational efficiency.
  • Preserving the security of cloud environments while avoiding outages or security breaches.
  • Assessing the danger posed by external platforms or frameworks.
  • Looking for methods to digitise routine processes and improve business operations.
  • Creating, managing, and designing internal cloud applications for the company.
  • Moving internal operations and data to cloud architecture.
  • Minimising data loss and downtime to the bare minimum.
  • Keeping up-to-date with cloud computing best practices and enhancing their company’s or organisation’s cloud infrastructure.
  • Interacting with internal groups, including IT, operations, and sales.
  • Build applications and interact with stakeholders to satisfy project requirements.
  • Recommending hardware and software to the organisation following the needs of the project and organisation.


What are the skills required for AWS Solution Architect?

An Amazon solution architect must possess various technical, business, and workplace abilities. AWS solution architects will specialise in cloud computing, networking, and storage. They master using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its services.

These are some of the skills and abilities that will assist an Amazon Solutions Architect in performing their job well:

Management of Time

Projects in information technology are frequently time-sensitive. Excellent time management is needed to build the infrastructure necessary to meet deadlines.

Flexibility and a willingness to learn

AWS solutions architects need to have the flexibility to adjust to changing priorities. You need to constantly educate yourself on new technology and industry best practices if you want to find the solution to a business challenge. A thirst for knowledge and the capacity to adjust to recent trends and current requirements for the position of cloud architect because cloud computing and technology are constantly evolving fields.

Aptitude for Resolving Problems

Software and hardware are used by architects to address business issues. Cloud infrastructure and application design and development involve both technical and business know-how.

Ability to Communicate

Both internal and external stakeholders, as well as end users, must be communicated with by an AWS Solutions Architect. It takes excellent communication and interpersonal skills to manage the business problems of the firm while creating and developing user-friendly technologies.

Collaboration and Leadership Abilities

Information technology professionals need to work well with their department’s colleagues and those from other departments inside the company. Operations function more smoothly when a team works as a cohesive unit, which determines the outcome of projects.

What is the difference between an AWS Solution Architect Associate & Professional?

Compared to the associate level, the professional level is one level above. Mid-level and top-level AWS specialists are available at the associate level, whereas these experts are available at the professional level. You are the most qualified and experienced applicant in the IT business if you hold an Amazon Solution Architect Professional credential.

Associate Level

The Associate level certification indicates intermediate knowledge and proficiency with Amazon cloud services. The qualification denotes that a person has a moderate level of cognitive ability to provide the appropriate architectural solutions as a Solutions Architect (SA).

An associate solution architect accredited by AWS is equipped with the following:

  • Creating and providing AWS’s finest architectural practices
  • Examine the varying AWS costs.
  • designing data security and protection procedures as a specialist in cloud solutions
  • Scalability and safety are being advanced.
  • Enabling an established business to adopt new, cutting-edge cloud infrastructures

Professional Level

The professional level refers to a higher, more advanced level of expertise. It is the highest level of AWS certification. In addition, while being the highest level, it is the most challenging certification level.

Consider yourself the most knowledgeable and experienced individual in the IT sector if you possess the certificate of an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional. An AWS Solutions Architect – Professional must handle any challenging tasks easily and contribute to the general development of the company.

How to become AWS Solution Architect?

It’s easy to become an AWS solution architect, but a few steps must be taken first. The steps are as follows:


Experience and Knowledge

An appropriate degree and work experience are necessary to become an AWS solutions architect. Although there isn’t a specific need for an Amazon solution architect for this position, having a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a closely connected discipline can be helpful.

Participate in an approved AWS Training Course.

The AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Exam can be prepared via various training programmes. Some of these programmes are provided by Amazon, while third parties offer others. The finest exam preparation can be ensured using a programme Amazon has approved.

Become a Successful AWS Solutions Architect-Associate

After completing an approved training course, you must pass the AWS Solutions Architect-Associate Exam to get certified. The capacity to build and deploy scalable, dependable and secure architectures is ensured by this exam, which assesses knowledge of the architecture of Amazon solutions.

Does AWS Solution Architect require coding?

Now that we have primarily addressed your query regarding “how to become an AWS architect,” we can go on to the following inquiry that many potential candidates have about the subject. And that is whether or not they require in-depth coding expertise to become an Amazon Solutions Architect.

Simply put, the answer to your question is no; you won’t require extensive coding experience to work on the AWS cloud. Yet nowadays, being able to code in general is a need in the IT industry. Learning even one coding language can be beneficial when creating and deploying apps to the AWS cloud. That is why learning to code, while not required, might be helpful.

How to register for the AWS Solution Architect exam?

By creating an account on the Amazon Web Services website, one can register for the exam. To become certified, you must pass the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate level test. The examination’s specifics are as follows:

  • The minimum passing score for the exam is 720, while the possible exam scores range from 100 to 1000. Statistical analysis is used to determine passing scores; therefore, they can vary depending on how challenging the test is.
  • The Amazon Solutions Architect Associate certification test costs Rs 12,420, and a practice exam is available for Rs 1655. The cost of the professional level exam is Rs 24,835 approx.
  • There are two different sorts of questions—multiple choice and multiple answers—and the test lasts 130 minutes.
  • You can take the test in several languages, including English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese.

What is the average AWS solution Architect’s salary?

The average annual salary for architects of cloud systems in India is ₹ 4.3 Lakhs. However, it can range between ₹ 2.0 Lakhs to ₹ 11.1 Lakhs. The future of this position’s career is promising. One of the significant factors contributing to the anticipated 15% increase in demand for IT workers between 2021 and 2031, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, is the growth of cloud computing.


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