AWS Solutions Architect Salary in India


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Amazon web services came with force and soared higher than anyone expected. Eagerly prompting the internet landscape to evolve in a direction that assisted companies in accommodating AWS services as much as possible. In recent years, the AWS architecture has gained undeniably popularity due to its high scalability and the various other benefits it brings to the table. This is why the AWS solutions architect associate salary is recognised as one of the most coveted packages in India, and we are going to discuss this in detail below.

What is an AWS Solutions Architect?

AWS solutions architects are responsible for heading underlying plans for AWS solutions of a company. Assigned with monitoring the technical team on the cloud operations, they ensure that the objectives of the cloud initiatives and the decisions are aligned with the business model and needs.

To perform well as an AWS solution architect, a candidate must have the necessary business acumen, including the ability to resolve scalability issues, apprehend user-end problems and figure out solutions, manage the functionality of software and hardware systems to achieve business goals, etc. In addition to a good command over technical skills such as driving and designing programs to adopt cloud services, application building on the cloud, proficiency in Java, C++, Python, and JavaScript, data security and compliance laws, good networking and more.

AWS Solutions Architect

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What is the average salary of an AWS Solutions Architect Associate?

So far, we have discussed the basics and essential duties associated with an AWS solutions architect job, but now let’s discuss what is the average salary of an AWS solutions architect associate.

Average Annual Salary

The AWS certified solutions architect salary ranges from Rs 3.0 lakhs to Rs 25.2 lakhs. In comparison, the estimated average annual AWS solutions architect salary in India is Rs 7.3 lakhs.

Average Annual Salary by Experience

AWS solutions architect associate salary in India can span Rs 18 lakh for up to 14 years of experience in the field. In contrast, individuals that have experience crossing over the 15 years milestone have a chance of earning up to Rs 30 lakh annually. A senior AWS architect in India can expect more than Rs 30 lakh per annum.

What is the AWS Solutions Architect Associate entry-level salary?

The entry-level AWS certified solutions architect salary can go up to Rs 4.8 lakh per annum. Furthermore, when a candidate progresses to midlevel experience, the estimated salary increases to Rs 18 lakh annually.

What is the average salary of an AWS Solutions Architect Professional?

Average Annual Salary

In India, the annual salary of an AWS Solution Architect Professional ranges between Rs 3.0 lakh to Rs. 25.1 lakhs. With the estimated average wage rounding up to be Rs. 7.3 lakhs.


Average Annual Salary by Experience

An AWS Solution Architect’s salary with experience of fewer than two years to up to 14 years can range between Rs 3 lakhs to 25 lakhs annually. Work experience, skill level, and location contribute significantly to this highly variable income range.

Is AWS solutions architect worth it?

The AWS solution architect certification is a worthwhile investment for individuals who aspire to become high-end cloud architect engineers in the most lucrative organisations. Interestingly, enrolling in an AWS course will help you achieve that goal by providing a good overview of the AWS platform and services.

As we mentioned, businesses are actively looking for ways to include AWS services and associated roles in their team. Thus, in this climate, an AWS solutions architect certification will inevitably bring outstanding credentials to your resume, giving it a boost during consideration in a highly competitive field of IT and finance.


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