What is the difference between DevOps & AWS?


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Technology is a field that is developing quickly and will only continue to expand. The level of change this field has undergone in the last two decades is significantly greater than in recent years. Two critical technologies in the famous IT area of cloud computing are AWS and DevOps. This blog explicitly discusses these two technologies and their advantages when used together.

All sizes of businesses are searching for AWS DevOps specialists with the right skill sets. One of the most constructive ways to manage teams working on various projects is to adopt Amazon DevOps, a practical solution with unparalleled technical potential for growth.

What is DevOps?

What is DevOps
What is DevOps

The terms “DevOps” and “IT operations” are synonymous. Organizations that use agile software development models progress faster than traditional software development models in product development and delivery. This makes it possible for businesses to successfully and efficiently serve their clients and command a solid reputation in the industry.

In contrast to past models where these teams operated independently, the DevOps model combines the development and operations teams throughout the application’s lifetime i.e. development, testing, deployment, and operations. A DevOps team’s main objective is to automate formerly manual processes using specialized DevOps tools that support applications’ rapid and reliable evolution. Team members can complete work independently without assistance, thanks to DevOps technologies.

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What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services is referred to as AWS. The AWS service is offered by Amazon, which makes various IT resources available on demand by using a distributed IT architecture. It provides multiple benefits, including packaged software as a service, infrastructure as a service, and platform as a service (SaaS). Amazon created the AWS cloud computing platform so that many businesses might benefit from dependable IT infrastructure.

AWS is one of several businesses’ most well-liked cloud computing platforms. The majority of organizations have done so, and more are about to. Because of the cloud’s many advantages that make it possible for businesses to store their data conveniently and without a physical location, most companies are moving their operations there. Data access has also become simpler because using the internet anytime and from any site is now possible. One of the most sought-after professions today is AWS-certified professionals.


Which is good to learn, DevOps or AWS? Which has a great future?

DevOps is a process rather than a product or service. The entire software programme improvement life cycle might be automated using this method. The combination of people, processes, and goods makes it possible for end customers to receive value continuously. AWS seek to automate the lifecycle of software development. To understand the future scope of AWS and DevOps, we need first to understand their functions and the required skills.


DevOps aims to speed up and automate specific software development, testing, and release steps. This enables the continuous delivery of new software and software upgrades.

Major Functions

For DevOps engineers, primary responsibilities include:

  • Constructing and establishing new development infrastructure and tools
  • Recognizing and communicating to developers the demands of stakeholders
  • Examining ways to automate and enhance the release and development processes
  • Testing, evaluating, and reviewing other people’s code and reviewing outcomes
  • Making sure that systems are protected against cyber security threats
  • Creating software upgrades and “fixes” for technical issues
  • Collaborating with software engineers and developers to make ensuring that development adheres to defined procedures and functions as planned
  • Preparing projects and participating in project management selections.

Key Skills

DevOps engineers may find the following skills useful:

  • Good communication and teamwork abilities
  • Programming language expertise
  • Strong ability to solve problems
  • Good focus on the details
  • Good focus on the particular understanding of Agile and DevOps principles.
  • Outstanding organizational and time management abilities and the capacity to work on many projects at once.


What is AWS
What is AWS

AWS, often known as Amazon Web Service, is an online resource that provides powerful and cost-effective cloud computing solutions. The popular cloud computing service AWS allows companies access to various on-demand services like processing power, database storage, content generation, etc.

Major Functions

The main functions of AWS include:

  • AWS offers a scalable cloud computing platform with end-to-end privacy and user security.
  • Because of AWS’s versatility, we may select the programming models, languages, and operating systems most appropriate for our project without acquiring new skills.
  • Amazon includes security protections in its services and provides documentation on how to use them.
  • The primary goal of AWS is to ensure your data’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
  • The AWS cloud helps implement short-term projects, mission-critical projects, and projects that are repeated regularly.
  • The AWS service helps businesses provide products with the most recent technologies on schedule while increasing efficiency overall.

Key Skills

AWS engineers may find the following skills useful:

  • launching web application
  • database management
  • fixing and debugging
  • AWS’s Lambda and API Gateway server less services.
  • It’s crucial to be independent and comprehend the AWS Security Model and IAM details.

Benefits of combining AWS and DevOps

  • They work together to help goods reach the market more quickly through improved developer workflows and quicker access to development environments.
  • Cloud complexity and system upkeep are decreased through automation and infrastructure as code.
  • Automated, repeatable processes that reduce fat-finger mistakes and, more crucially, incorporate security measures from the outset serve to boost security.
  • Using cloud-based continuous operations eliminates downtime.


FAQs related to DevOps vs AWS

What is AWS DevOps?

AWS DevOps is Amazon’s solution for applying the DevOps methodology utilizing its cloud platform and specialized tools and services. The ability to effectively deploy continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) is available to application developer teams via AWS DevOps. This enables them to automatically create, test, and eventually deploy the application to either on-premises environments or to AWS while securely storing and versioning the application source code.

Between AWS and DevOps, which one is recommended?

AWS is a platform that provides a range of services to customers so they can focus solely on their application or product. Amazon manages all the software and other entities needed to execute your application. DevOps, on the other hand, links the development and operations teams to speed up the release of goods to market.

They work together to help goods reach the market faster through improved developer workflows and quicker access to development environments. Automated, repeatable processes that reduce fat-finger mistakes and, more crucially, incorporate security measures from the outset serve to boost security.

Does AWS DevOps engineer get paid more, or does Azure DevOps?

AWS DevOps engineers in India typically make ₹467K/year, potentially earning up to ₹1,000K/year with expertise. The average salary for an Azure DevOps engineer is ₹604k per year, with the ability to earn up to ₹1,500k per year with experience.

What is a recommended platform for AWS DevOps interview questions?

Amazon DevOps interview questions will likely come up for anyone who works in software development or wants to start a career in cloud computing. The following websites are widely utilized to prepare for an AWS DevOps interview: Coursera, Edubridge, Interviewbit, Intellipat, Upgrad, etc.

Azure DevOps vs AWS DevOps- which one is better?

Amazon DevOps makes it simple for customers to incorporate AWS services like EC2, S3, and Beanstalk in a matter of clicks, but Azure DevOps makes it even simpler by enabling users to integrate Azure services like Azure VM, Azure App Services, SQL databases, as well as a sizable ecosystem of third-party editions.


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