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The dynamics of computer resources have changed due to cloud computing. The days of having an extensive infrastructure for data centres that resulted in ongoing costs are long gone. Because of cloud computing, remote access to platforms, databases, and software is now the standard. This technique minimises the increased memory and processing power demands on individual machines. Professional Amazon Web Services (AWS) developers come into play when we highlight cloud computing in this context.

Let us glance at the essential skills required for AWS Developers, how to train yourself for this role, and most importantly, how to crack developer exams.

Essential Skills Required For AWS Developers

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What are the Essential Skills Required For AWS Developers in 2023

A career in AWS would include taking unexpected turns and adopting new viewpoints. One would have to think all the time creatively and be continually challenged.  To get ready for an AWS job, an individual needs to build a specific set of abilities, including:

1. Communication

The ability to communicate clearly, both orally and in writing, is necessary for working as an AWS professional. The collaborative process is the key to building practical systems. To do that, experts from many departments must collaborate closely, and communication is essential.

2. Programming Languages

The most popular programming languages among AWS experts are Python and Java. Although coding is not necessary for all AWS job pathways, an AWS expert must understand programming to provide practical, sensible solutions that would function as intended.

3. Networks

It can be challenging to develop a secure cloud-based solution without knowing how networks work. This is why certain positions require knowledge of a few networking concepts, such as domain name system (DNS), transmission control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP), content delivery network (CDN), hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP), and virtual private network (VPN).

4. Problem-Solving

Working with AWS requires critical thinking and analysis. This entails gathering data and seeing fundamental trends and patterns in simple to somewhat complex data.

5. Cloud Security

Enterprises have historically exercised caution when hosting their data in the cloud. However, cloud security has considerably improved over time, fostering greater user confidence. AWS employees with security expertise are in more demand due to this obligation falling on cloud security experts. People interested in a profession in AWS cloud security may find it financially rewarding.

6. DevOps

DevOps is one of the top skills for someone looking to work for AWS. Automation is the key to operational excellence, and DevOps engineers are involved in the process. When transferring code from development to production, DevOps automates tasks, including monitoring, testing, integration, and deployment.

7. Cloud migration and environments with multiple clouds

According to the Multi-Cloud Management Survey, carried out in August 2019 by the market research firm IDC, 93% of respondents used various infrastructure clouds for their business operations. Organisations frequently have heterogeneous environments that are challenging to adopt, maintain, and optimise, even inside multi-cloud.


Finally, familiarise yourself with the AWS Software Development Kit (SDK). This tool makes it easier to understand how the application’s code will interact with AWS. Undoubtedly, the API layer is enormous, and professionals struggle to understand new ideas when using it. Understanding the SDK, however, promises easy interaction with AWS.


Skills Required For Junior AWS Developer

Basic Knowledge of Cloud Computing

The learning process should be considered first and foremost if you are a fresher seeking an AWS job and are interested in learning more. Learning concepts and using them as needed should be the primary goal.

Acquire AWS Knowledge

Practically all industries currently use the AWS cloud, and Amazon is the market leader in cloud computing. Every domain is now utilising AWS due to its various advantages. The first justification is that it is valuable and economical.


One of the most fundamental and intricate skills an AWS developer should possess is deploying web applications to the cloud. There are many ways to deploy to AWS, but those techniques change when new ones are developed. Due to this change, it is advisable to double-check the following overview of AWS deployment techniques to verify sure no more unique methods have been suggested.


Every online application requires a database, and AWS offers a wide range of choices to meet that need. Finding the ideal database service for your application is a challenge. You risk selecting the incorrect solution and impeding your application development if you don’t comprehend all the options and some of the advantages and downsides.


If you’re a developer, you understand how annoying it may be to run into a wall. However, you’re also aware of how much simpler it is to deal with obstacles if you’ve had some practice. Every time you solve an AWS problem, troubleshooting and resolving the subsequent problem is more straightforward.

Train Yourself for AWS Developer Role

How to Train Yourself for AWS Developer Role

AWS provides a wide variety of courses, and those interested in enrolling can do so online and offline. The training can be pursued following either the solution—advanced networking, data analysis, machine learning, and security—or the role—architect, cloud practitioner, developer, and operations. Although there are several ways to find AWS courses, AWS is the most reliable option.

Types of Training

The platform offers both traditional classroom instruction and online training.

1. In-class Training

The official AWS Classroom Training solution delivers in-person seminars with teachers who AWS has approved. These instructors use presentations, discussions, and practical laboratories to impart in-demand cloud skills and practices. There are three types of training:

  • Public classes: AWS or one of the numerous international AWS Training Partners offer courses online or in person.
  • The “train your team” strategy: With private training from AWS, a team can study together and acquire the necessary skills.
  • A regional training associate: Local AWS training Partners approved by AWS may also offer classroom-based instruction.

2. Online Training

On the AWS Skill Builder platform, there are also self-paced digital courses for those that choose a more flexible learning style. It provides free, on-demand courses created by AWS professionals. People may reach their goals, remain on track more efficiently, gain more experience while working, and learn straight from the source using digital training, among other advantages.

The fundamental training courses offered by AWS are:

  • AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials:  Any technical expert or business user whose job depends on the cloud will find this course helpful.
  • AWS Cloud Essentials for Business Leaders:  Students will study how the leadership team uses cloud strategy to accomplish corporate goals in this course.
  • AWS Technical Essentials:  The fundamentals of recognising AWS services are covered in this course, which is ideal for those in technical jobs who want to learn how to make educated decisions about IT solutions.

Important Training Resources

The following are a few introductory training courses for aspiring AWS professionals:

1. Using AWS for Architecture

Solution architects, solution-design engineers, and developers looking to grasp AWS architecting may consider taking this training module. Through various use case scenarios and hands-on learning, you’ll learn to explore services and features to construct resilient, secure, and highly available IT solutions in the AWS Cloud.

2. Programming with AWS

This course is available to software developers, solutions architects, and IT professionals who want to advance their knowledge of development utilising AWS Services. Under the supervision of a knowledgeable AWS teacher, they will learn how to build scalable and secure cloud apps using AWS services and developer tools, including the AWS Software Development Kit (SDK) and AWS Command Line Interface (CLI).

3. AWS DevOps Engineering

This training will significantly benefit system administrators, operations engineers, DevOps engineers, and architects. You can go through this training module to learn about infrastructure as code, microservices, monitoring, and logging in AWS.

4. AWS Cloud Essentials

Regardless of the technical role, everyone interested in learning the fundamentals of the AWS cloud should take this training course. Given AWS’s immense popularity, it is beneficial to understand the platform’s security guidelines, architecture, and price structure.

How to Crack AWS Developer Exam

This section will help you access materials more quickly and find answers to the question, “Where do I start?” Therefore, if you are a beginner at AWS school and have no prior experience, you have arrived at the proper location.

1. Online Course

Selecting a course is the first step in the preparation process. The system will include theoretical and hands-on instruction according to the AWS free tier. Plan to complete the course at your own pace after reviewing the course’s materials.

2. Practice Labs

Whizlabs offers to practise hands-on labs. The labs are free if you buy tutorial videos, practice exams, or both. In response to a lab problem statement, labs are based on a single service or a collection of AWS services.

3. Study Guides

The linked link contains a compilation of the questions from the last AWS exam. Out of the 446 questions that are available for free, 260 will be available to you.

4. Sample Tests

Complete practice exams for the AWS exam can be found in the courses from Udemy and Whizlabs. Read the answers to every question on a practice test, even the ones you got right after taking it.



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