Email Etiquette: Draft Effective Emails at Work

Learn an easy-to-follow process to consistently write emails that elicit action.
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About the Program

This course is at the basic level and emphasises on grasping the basics of communication skills and email etiquette. The email etiquette tips will guide you on what is suitable and what is not when sending an email. This course is intended to be helpful for all kind of learners. At the end of the course, you will not only be able to write a flawless and concise email but will also become faster and well-organized. You will be guided about proper email formatting and common ways to organize the email content.

This course will,

  • Take you to the technical aspects of email writing, grammar, audience, tone, formality, and clarity
  • Make you discover how choice of words and formatting will increase response rates
  • Build your learning on how to leverage grammar and formatting in email preparation

We hope that you will gain the required knowledge from this program and demonstrate the skills learnt.

All the best!

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In this module, you will learn what etiquettes the business world expects from you and what you should do to meet their expectations.

Study Content
Slideshow: Getting Started Slideshow: Introduction - Email Etiquette

Learn to create an email account in outlook as well as other free sources.

Study Content
Slideshow: Getting Started Slideshow: Creating Email Account

This module explains the vital pieces that give you the structure for communicating and that make it easy for your recipient to engage with your message.

Study Content
Slideshow: Getting Started Slideshow: Anatomy of an Email

Quiz Time

Study Content
Slideshow: Getting Started Slideshow: Quiz 1 - The Perfect Email: Learn effective Email etiquette writing

In this video, you will explore some real-life cases of poor email etiquette, and learn why it is important to follow the rules of good communication.

Study Content
Slideshow: Getting Started Slideshow: Importance of Email Etiquette

In this module, you will break down the essence of what makes the perfect email and look into how you can ensure that the emails you send out are the best they can possibly be.

Study Content
Slideshow: Getting Started Slideshow: Email - Important components and standard format

The tips in this module can help you write better emails, get better responses and create less frustration with your co-workers.

Study Content
Slideshow: Getting Started Slideshow: Dos and Don'ts

Quiz Time

Study Content
Slideshow: Getting Started Slideshow: Quiz 2 - The Perfect Email: Learn effective Email etiquette writing

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