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Boost your analytical skills by learning an Excel beginner course from EduBridge and level up your career.
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About the Program

Kick-start your career by becoming a pro in Excel. Learning Beginners Excel course will help you with the data entry process by saving time and making the process easy and hassle-free. Excel helps you to create Pivot Tables, Filters, Charts, etc.

Microsoft Excel is a powerful data analysis program that helps perform tasks such as:

  • Visualize, utilize, and evaluate data.
  • Create comparisons that allow you to provide more in-depth information about vital organizational functions, such as process workflow, project efficiency, financial projections, budgets, and inventory levels.
  • Showcase data that can be used by management to analyze historic and current development trends in the company.
  • Read and comprehend data across multiple departments, vendors, and customers.
  • Deliver solutions to business problems by construing data at an advanced level.
  • Maintain, organize, and stabilize intricate financial and inventory accounts.

Based on the market understanding and the employment opportunities in every domain, EduBridge has designed a basic Excel course. This is a self-paced and free course, so you can learn anytime & anywhere. 

This course will,

  • Help you understand formatting, modifying worksheet, fonts, alignment and number group.
  • Gain Knowledge about data visualization and charts in Excel.
  • Help you understand and learn basic and advanced formulas.
  • Help you learn filtering, sorting, and CSV vs Excel.

We hope that you will gain the required knowledge from this program and demonstrate the skills learnt.

All the best!

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This module will walk you through an introduction to Excel and some its basic features.

Study Content
Slideshow: Getting Started Slideshow: Introduction to Excel

This module will guide you, on how to modify a worksheet and how to create a chart in excel.

Study Content
Slideshow: Getting Started Slideshow: Modifying Worksheets

In this module, we will cover some formulas used in excel and some of its advanced functions.

Study Content
Slideshow: Getting Started Slideshow: Functions and Formulas

This module will guide you through the Pivot table and filtering and sorting functionalities.

Study Content
Slideshow: Getting Started Slideshow: Pivot table, Filtering, and Sorting

Let’s check what you have learned so far...

Study Content
Slideshow: Getting Started Slideshow: Assessment