What is the Selenium Framework?


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The Selenium automation framework is a structured approach to coding that enhances code maintenance by organising code and data separately. Without frameworks, individuals might store code and data in the same place, which lacks reusability and readability. Frameworks yield positive results such as improved code reusability, enhanced portability, decreased script maintenance costs, and enhanced code readability.


Why is the Selenium Framework preferred for Automation?

Automation testing has significantly expanded the scope of testing, guaranteeing customers a seamless experience across various browsers and devices. Automation testing has become indispensable for ensuring cross-browser compatibility. Among a wide range of software testing tools, Selenium stands out as a major player, catering to both established corporations and emerging startups. To put it in perspective, Selenium is employed by more than 57,000 companies worldwide and holds a substantial market share of 24.63% in software testing tools. While it is predominantly favoured by computer software and IT services firms, Selenium has found utility in diverse sectors, including staffing and recruiting, healthcare, and financial services.

Types of Selenium Frameworks

There are three primary types of framework in Selenium for automating manual test cases.

Data Driven Framework

The data-driven framework relies on external data sets, often stored in Excel sheets, which are imported into the automation testing tool. When a large number of data sets are used as input for the test framework, manually altering these values within the script for each test can be challenging.

To address this, these data sets are stored separately from the original script allowing the script to retrieve the necessary input from the data set Excel sheet when needed. This separation simplifies script modifications without impacting the data sets, enhancing the framework’s resilience.

Consequently, you can effortlessly apply a single test to all the available data sets in the table without the need to individually adjust the code for each one.


Keyword Driven Framework

The keyword-driven framework relies on specific keywords that define the core functionality, accepting parameters and producing the corresponding output. When a substantial amount of functionality needs to be covered in the code it can lead to repetitive sections in the script. To mitigate this, keywords are used to simplify and abstract the complexity of the code.

In this framework, operations and methods are written independently of the script, structured as keywords. These keywords are stored in an external file which is typically an Excel sheet and are invoked within the code. This approach allows testers to maintain each functionality separately, with the keywords neatly organized in a table. You can modify these keywords individually without affecting others, providing flexibility and ease of management.

Hybrid Driven Framework

The Hybrid Driven Framework in Selenium represents a fusion of the data-driven and keyword-driven frameworks. Within this framework, a variety of keywords and data sets are employed, with inputs and function lists stored in distinct files. Similar to the data-driven framework, it leverages a unified code for diverse data sets.

Learning Selenium Framework

To learn Selenium Framework consider enrolling in EduBridge’s Certification Program in Software Testing to gain expertise in automating web applications using Selenium WebDriver. Alternatively, you can explore the Advanced Certification Program in Software Testing offered in partnership with IBM. This comprehensive course equips you with the essential tools and techniques, taking you from the basics to advanced mastery, and includes practical business assignments to prepare you for the industry.


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