Best Job Sites for Freshers in 2023


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After the end of a wonderful college journey, every individual looks forward to kicking off the next chapter of their life i.e. professional chapter. These days finding a job can be quite challenging. During the ’90s there were limited professional choices and decision-making was easy. But today there are a plethora of career choices that one can choose from. With increased job opportunities, there has been also an increase in the number of job search avenues not just for the Indian market but globally too. But too many options tend to get confusing for graduates who are just out of college. Job hunting is not just about creating a resume and putting it up on the portal. To hit the bull’s eye one needs to take efforts to do some groundwork that will help you land up in the right profession

Important aspects to consider before job hunting

In addition to the above aspects below are some of the best practices one should follow:

  • Treat every application of yours as the first job
  • Check the salary trends for the field that you are opting
  • Prepare for the interview – check possible questions and figure out the best responses
  • Make optimum use of your network like relatives, professors, recruiters etc
  • Get your resume reviewed by your network circle.

Once you are ready with your groundwork and profile, get rolling

EduBridge India

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This platform needs no introduction. Naukri was the portal that revolutionized the Indian Market. Being one of the first job portals in India, it is considered as one of the best portals for freshers jobs in India. It has almost 60% market share in the job hunt market. With over 50 million users and nearly 10000 resumes being updated daily, every fresher should have a profile in Naukri.


The weekly supplement of Times of India which comes out on Wednesday has some good job opportunities. With several editions in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi, and Nagpur freshers can explore opportunities from these cities.


Linkedin has an extensive reach of 200 countries. Linkedin which is considered the social media for professionals is also used as a platform to look out for jobs. The advantage of Linkedin is that your bio created can be your resume and one can apply for jobs directly. It is one of the world’s largest professional networks. Through Linked in you can also join/follow various groups/communities like Human Resources, and Vertical specific groups that help you receive updates on a regular basis.


Indeed is another widely used portal by many job seekers. It has got one of the best interfaces and a welcoming website that helps individuals browse easily. The US-based search engine is now spread across 60 countries. The filters in this portal help job hunters to be specific in their searches. It bridges the gap between job seekers and companies.


Shine is owned by the Hindustan Times group and has emerged as one of the top job portals in India. It gives you access to an exceptional talent pool and some of the top companies that target young professionals It offers a resume builder service that is quite advantageous for job seekers.

Monster India

Monster is considered one of the top job portals in India and is in the league of Naukri and Shine. It offers some of the best national and international career opportunities. The jobs posted on Monster are verified, therefore one can be assured that they can apply for the latest and trustworthy opportunities.

Once you are already with your resume, you should create a strong profile on the above-mentioned portals that will help you get some great work opportunities. It is always good to keep improvising your profile and keep adding new skills so that employers looking at specific skills can connect with you. Apart from creating profiles in these portals, you should also get in touch with recruitment agencies that will constantly be in touch with you for upcoming opportunities. Another best practice is to apply directly on the company portal where they have a careers section where you can send an InMail or send your resume on the id of HR. Job hunting is not a day’s job. It requires ample time and effort to build a resume, do research and establish good network connections to get the ideal job.


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