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Banking and finance are two interrelated sectors that deal with money and all related matters. These two institutions, i.e., banking and finance institutions are responsible for the smooth flow of money in the economy, and on a larger scale, for the seamless running of the economy of a country. Careers in the banking sector are one of the most sought-after careers since they provide a sound financial status, job security, post-retirement benefits, and other incentives. Especially in a country like India, where the population faces a major job crisis, the banking sector emerges as a ray of hope and provides enthralling, stable, and harboring Career Opportunities In Banking And Finance.

To start a career in banking and finance, one must have an established knowledge of banking and related subjects along with good communication skills, problem-solving capabilities, numeric powers, and time management skills. If you are a fresher, belonging to a non-commerce-oriented background looking to start a career in banking and finance, you can gain the required knowledge from EduBridge’s wide range of courses on the subject.

Finance is mostly associated with banking, however, there are slight differences in the functioning of financial institutions. Banks deal directly with money-related matters, while financial institutions directly practice secondary monetary functions such as loaning and investing. One can deposit cash with banks or make fixed deposits with banks, however, financial institutions do not have deposit facilities. One correlation that can be drawn out between financial institutions and banks is that banks are financial institutions, however, not all financial institutions are banks.

To start a career in finance, and to work with investment banks or other financial institutions like insurance companies, one needs to gain knowledge about these specific areas of work. To gain a holistic view of both banking and finance together, one can choose from a wide range of financial courses available on Edubridge. Banking and finance is a sector that is comparatively easier to get in, and gives you a wide ambit of scope for growth.

Here are some great catchy career opportunities in the Banking and Finance sector:

Bank Manager:

One reaches this level of authority after gaining sufficient experience in the banking field or by working regularly in the same bank. This post is achieved mostly through internal promotion, however, with a new set of career opportunities lining up, one can become a bank manager after clearing an exam as well.

Estimated Salary: 7 Lakhs p.a plus incentives.

Probationary officer:

Probationary officers create budgets for a bank and approve the loans of a bank. They lay out financial mechanisms and plans for the bank to function. These officers are selected directly through competitive exams and are a great post of authority. However, the scope for growth is less.

Estimated Salary: 6-7 Lakhs p.a plus incentives.

Financial Accountant:

A financial accountant is responsible for auditing and reporting a bank’s functions along with preparing budgets and plans for a bank. Apart from banks, financial accountants can be found in most institutions, regardless of the sector they fall in, as every institution requires a team for the management of finances.

Estimated Salary: 4 Lakh p.a.

Financial Risk Manager:

A financial risk manager analyses all the market forces and foresees risks and warns the institutions against them. A financial risk manager is one of the most important workers of a company as he/she protects the company from incurring losses.

Estimated Salary: 12 Lakhs p.a.

Investment Banker:

An investment banker deals with clients and guides them to invest their money in reliable places and places that can yield good benefits. Investment bankers need to possess analytical skills, effective communication skills, and industry knowledge to guide their clients. Investment bankers are the key players in ensuring financial growth for both their clientele and organizations.

Estimated Salary: 9-11 Lakhs p.a.

Financial Examiner

A financial examiner, also called a compliance officer, is hired by an organization to ensure that the company is complying with all the financial requirements. A financial examiner is hired by both governmental organizations and private institutions. The duties of a financial examiner include risk assessment, overseeing monetary and credit transactions, emergency responses, etc.

Estimated Salary: 5 Lakhs p.a.


A broker is an agent who works as the middleman between individuals, financial organizations, and governmental and non-governmental organizations. A broker’s duty includes finding clients and possible customers and selling and buying securities, commodities, stocks, and various kinds of bonds, both governmental and non-governmental.

Estimated Salary: 5 Lakhs p.a.


Therefore, it can be concluded that there are ample opportunities in the banking and financing sector, especially in today’s globalized and corporatized world. The banking and Financial sector, just like any other sector, requires a set of skills that don’t only come in handy in the profession but are the life skills that one ought to know to survive in the financially competitive world.

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