Agile Methodology: A Guide for Beginners


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Table of Contents

What is Agile Methodology?

Agile methodology is the most effective project management method used successfully in software development. This flexible approach has been widely introduced in software development to overcome difficulties with previous waterfall models and to make processes more efficient and effective.

The agile development approach transformed information technology over the last 25 to 30 years and increased success rates in software development, improved quality and marketing speed, and increased the motivation and productivity of IT teams. Now, Agile approaches include new values, principles, processes and benefits that continue to spread across a wide range of industries and services even in the C-Suite.

In particular, the definition of agile methodology refers to a software development process that focuses on the concept of repetitive development. In this fast-paced development process, needs and solutions arise through collaboration between teams working differently from the product owner. This unique software development process ensures that teams deliver value quickly and with quality and prediction and effectively manage changes.

What are the principles of Agile Methodology?

The steps of the agile process revolve around repetition as priorities can be shifted from one repetition to another with new features that often add to the subsequent iteration. An agile manifesto can follow certain agile principles that businesses should be aware of and adapt to their agile software development process.

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change by following a plan

Agile Development Methodology Features

Iterative & incremental:

The agile methodology feature proposes incremental and iterative approaches with frequent reassessments that make a product better.

Work breakdown:

The agile process consists of cycles known as sprints or scrum. It splits tasks into iterations or sprints.

Close coordination with product owner:

The product owner or customer has a first-hand overview of every stage of project development with changes in it.

Parallel testing:

The software development and the software testing are taken up concurrently to ensure quality software is delivered. Regression testing is involved whenever new activities or minds collaborate.

Effective collaboration between teams:

Testers and developers work in close collaboration compared to the earlier waterfall model.

Daily stand-up calls:

Everyday scheduling of short and quick meetings as stand up calls happen to review the status of the task within the agile process.

Timely Updates and Reports:

The agile methodology process places upfront the product owner to update with daily and weekly reports on project status, which makes the process transparent


Benefits of Agile Methodology

  • Ensures early and quality deliverables
  • It deals with any changes within the project with the adoption of changes
  • Ensures faster releases to enable quicker time to market
  • Ensure high-quality development by breaking up the task into manageable units of sprints
  • Ensure effective collaboration between teams and stakeholders to deliver value to the customer
  • Eases dealing with costs & schedules with better interaction to ensure a more controlled environment
  • Deliver working software at frequent intervals through sprints
  • Overall ensures cost-effectiveness

Significance of Agile Methodology for Businesses

Delivers real-business value:

This agile process focuses on driving real-business value to customers. This methodology places high value on outcomes by enabling quality products that meet the business goals. This agile methodology approach ensures effective collaboration between teams and stakeholders to achieve the business goals.

Close involvement of participants in the agile process:

Agile development methodology helps stakeholders get involved throughout the project and helps get better working software. The software development process is faster as bugs are identified early, and a parallel software testing process gets carried along with development.

Ensures visual project management:

Businesses get visual project management as agile teams enhance their ability to work collaboratively by presenting the data in a visual form. It eases to comprehend project details and manage change.


Entities determine project measurement based on time and cost factors. The advantage of an agile approach is that it is an effective and scalable project management tool.

Teams collaboration:

Specifically, for businesses, the ability of teams to adapt to change is a cornerstone of agile project management and is an advantage of agile methodology in testing. Moreover, when agile teams put their time to good use, they deliver what the stakeholder wants without excess spending due to careful usage of skills and expertise. This kind of team usage and active collaboration between teams ensures no overspending on the project.


Today, the agile approach is beneficial to the entire project development process as it ensures effective communication between teams and ensures quality outcomes. This fast-paced process approach develops innovations as multi-sectoral teams work together and ensure that the business value increases with the product owner’s involvement throughout the delivery process.

This fast-paced approach ensures improved communication through close collaboration and brings organizational acceptance of changes to bring value to the business owner. Various variables are available to businesses based on project size and need.

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