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Digital marketing has multiple definitions. To some it is entertainment, to some, it’s a way of communication. But today Digital marketing has evolved as a powerful tool for marketers and brands. Thanks to Digitization, marketing and sales have become so glamorous. Digital marketing is a vast topic and through this digital marketing guide you will get a ready reckoner on what is digital marketing, how it has evolved as an important tool, and what all comes under it.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is all about driving communication, acquiring brand visibility, and marketing products/services to the right target audience with the use of desktops, laptops, mobiles, or smart TV. The only difference is how creatively the brands package their communication.

Advantages of digital marketing

Types of Digital Marketing


It is the kind of marketing model where advertisers can promote and sell their products/services through affiliate marketers or third-party publishers. These third-party publishers help publishers to generate leads and in return, the affiliates get compensated by the publishers. In Affiliate marketing, there are categories like:

  • Unattached Affiliate Marketing: It is the uninvolved kind of marketing model where the affiliates do not have expertise or connection with the product/service.
  • Related Affiliate Marketing: This kind of marketing is where affiliates have direct or indirect relations with the products and services that are being sold or promoted
  • Involved Affiliate Marketing: This arrangement is where the affiliate recommends the kind of product or services being promoted

Advantages of Affiliate marketing:

  • Cost-effective
  • Rewarding with incentives
  • Chances of high Return on Investment


Content marketing empowers brands and businesses to effectively communicate their message through various formats like blogs, videos, thought leadership articles, and case studies.

Advantages of Content Marketing:

  • Helps in lead generation
  • Facilitates asset creation like content that can be used for promotions
  • Helps in identifying core brand messaging


E-mail marketing allows you to create highly personalized content and reach out to specific customers who have subscribed to your marketing messages.

Advantages of E-Mail Marketing:

  • Cost-effective
  • Permission / Target based
  • Offers flexibility, can be customized
  • Time-saving
  • Higher conversion rate


Influencer marketing allows brands to reach specific audiences through social media ambassadors who are popular on such platforms. Through influencer marketing, one can drive paid or sponsored posts.

  • Targeted reach
  • Helps in awareness
  • Customizable content
  • Drives purchase decisions
  • Time-saving


A targeted approach where marketers can reach out to consumers on their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Advantages of Mobile Marketing:

  • Demographic-based
  • Gives customers the ease of access
  • Increases virality

With people getting obsessed with digital mediums, marketing has undergone a dynamic change. For brands its not just about sales. It is all about creating personalized experiences that grab the attention of the customers. Innovation, attraction, and customizations are some of the attributes that brands include in their marketing mix. Digital marketing has gained popularity in a quick span as it creates a sense of excitement among the audiences and has a high recall value.


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