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Digital marketing has been the ‘Astra’ for every business or individual. But this Astra needs to be equipped with tools or elements that make the journey easy and interesting. These tools help digital marketers strategically plan and execute activities and campaigns that have a long-lasting impact. Digital marketing has been dynamic in nature and has grown leaps and bounds with innovation.  Innovation has created tools that have become strong carriers of communication. We have listed down the top digital marketing tools that have proved a boon to many marketers.

What are the overarching objectives of digital marketing?

Categories in which digital marketing tools are classified

    • Social media marketing tools
  • Email marketing tools
  • Search Engine Optimization tools
  • Conversion Optimization tools
  • Lead Enrichment tools
  • Landing Page and Lead Capture tools
  • Graphic creation tools

A lot of people are unaware of various tools that fulfill various objectives. Digital marketing is not just about promoting individuals, brands, products, or services on social media. It is a vast topic to be covered. A lot of tools pertaining to digital marketing are available that fulfill various objectives. We have identified some of the essential digital marketing tools that one must be aware of.


Ideal for: Inbound marketing and sales

HubSpot is a combination of sales and marketing tools. It has software for sales that helps in building customer relations using email templates and tracking and managing content, and documents. With this tool, one can store all the data and content in one place. It also helps in managing your blog, and social media, and track digital advertising performance.


Ideal for: Web and Marketing Analytics

The success of any social media or digital campaign is determined by analytics. Google Analytics is the most preferred tool when it comes to analysis. It gives you an idea about the kind of traffic a website is getting and helps you understand and define what strategy will work best.


Ideal for: Paid advertising

Google Ads is the most ideal marketing tool to reach out to your exact target audience. It allows you to target your target group by keywords, location, device, etc. These ads can be images, videos, or Product that is more targeted.


Ideal for: Search Engine Optimization strategy

SEMRUSH is the key to Search Engine optimization. With the ability to research keywords, position tracking or provide backlinks SEM Rush helps you conduct a detailed SEO audit. With recent additions of content writing and advertising features, it is emerging as one of the powerful tools.


Ideal for: Social Media Marketing

Buzzsumo is the ideal tool for the elevation of social media strategy. It not only assists in content planning but also helps in content performance. It helps you identify ideal influencers. Launched in 2014 Buzzsumo has emerged as the go-to content marketing tool.


Ideal for: Online video maker and editor

Today’s audiences prefer visual content more than text matter. Animoto is the best bet for every marketer who wants to create visually appealing videos. Its user-friendly interface and a vast number of templates are what make it one of the preferred video-making and editing tools.


Ideal for: Graphic and Image design

Canva is the ideal tool for the creation of infographics, social media images, and call-to-action buttons. It is a great tool to create customized projects.

The above tools are some of the most commonly used and preferred tools that every digital marketer needs to be well versed with. Thanks to tools like these have made marketing more exciting and enjoyable. These tools have helped brands evolve more than just sales and promote products/services in the most creative fashion.

One can refer to a comprehensive list of tools used for SEO specifically, shared by Nico Bortoluzzi, SEO Consultant in one of his social media posts.

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