Top Cyber Security Skills Employers Look for


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As the saying goes ‘Don’t Follow the crowd’, carve your own niche! Just because someone is chasing another profession does not mean you follow the trend. It is time to emerge as trendsetters. With many interesting and unthought of career options, one can choose a profession on the basis of ones interest. If you have the passion to delve into the cyber space and want to explore the digital world, then you should try your hand at ‘Cyber Security’. It is a professional choice that will never go out of fashion after witnessing the growing advancements in the digital space. A very niche segment that is growing stupendously owing to the looming threat posed by the viruses in the digital world. Cyber security is like being a cop or the protector of the network of an organization. If you want to ace the interview and win a position in the Cyber Security team, then you need to work and have adept technical, professional and personal skills that will give you the required edge. So here is a list of top skills that one must have to persuade employers to hire you.

Sound Technical Knowledge: Since the field revolves around technology, one must have sound knowledge on troubleshooting, updating, and maintaining networks. He/she should understand the technical know-how on monitoring the systems with the ability to offer solutions on an immediate basis. IKnowledge on various software, devices, networks, and other aspects of technology should be at the back of your hand.

Quick resolving skills: The adage, ‘A stitch in times saves nine’ aptly describes this attribute. Working in a digital environment with a massive network setup can prove to be challenging. Sometimes it’s not about technicality. It is all about how you handle complex glitches, network challenges, and crisis situations. It is the ability to think on your feet that will save the day. Keeping calm is the key to handling tricky situations such as these.

A keen eye for Detail: One could meet with a blink and a miss situation during the course of a crisis. The astute ability to close all the loopholes will ensure the security of all your information and networks is sealed off from external threats. Vigilance is an underlining factor.

Excellent communication skills: Cyber security experts work closely with people from various departments who may not be well versed with technical insights and jargon. Therefore effective communication is quintessential, especially during crisis scenarios. The ability to address the employees with the security policies and strategies in a common layman’s language will help you stand out.

Computer Forensics knowledge: Computer forensics empowers you to efficiently, secure confidential data during a breach. It helps you to make decisions during any failure of efforts. This is a separate topic that any Cyber Security course teaches you. It also gives you the ability to recover the lost sensitive data. Here you also need to understand an overview of hacking. Garnering insights on hacking can help you think backward, delve into the crux of the issue, and nip it in the bud.

With organizations becoming increasingly aware of the importance of Cyber Security there have been several specialization programs in Cyber Security where one can improve their skills on various platforms, technical skills, cyber forensics, and much more.


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