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Access to shared networks, servers, storage, and software is made possible by the infrastructure and software concept known as cloud computing. It permits data processing to take place on a server held by a third party or a privately owned cloud. Maximum speed and dependability result from this. The ease of installation, cheap maintenance, and scalability, however, are its primary advantages. It adapts to meet your demands in this way.

Here are 8 real-world instances of cloud computing to give you an idea of how important technology is to our daily lives:

Illustrations of Cloud Storage

Example: Gmail, Facebook, and Dropbox 

Online cloud storage companies appear to be multiplying daily. Everybody is in competition over the amount of storage they can offer customers.

With up to 1 terabyte of free storage, Dropbox is currently the market leader in organized cloud storage, enabling users to access files on any device through its application or website.

On the other hand, Gmail, a service offered by Google, offers limitless cloud storage. Gmail has completely changed the way we send emails and is primarily to blame for the rise in email usage globally.

Facebook is a hybrid of the two in that your profile may keep a limitless amount of data, including text, photographs, and videos. then they can be easily accessed on multiple devices. Facebook goes a step further with its Messenger app, which allows profiles to exchange data.


Examples of Cloud Platforms for Marketing

For instance, Hubspot, Adobe Marketing Cloud, and Maropost for Marketing

An all-encompassing digital marketing platform called a marketing cloud allows clients to manage contacts and target leads. Easy-to-use marketing automation and lead hyper-targeting are combined with Maropost Marketing Cloud. Due to its sophisticated email deliverability capabilities, it also guarantees that emails actually reach the inbox.

Marketing clouds often meet the demand for personalisation. This is significant in a market where a “more human” message is required. Therefore, stating that your brand is here to assist will be crucial in completing the sale.

Cloud computing in education examples

Example: Amazon Web Services, Ratatype, and SlideRocket

Because children already utilize cutting-edge technology, education is embracing it more and more. Therefore, educators have implemented e-learning software like SlideRocket in an effort to update classrooms.

Students can create presentations on the SlideRocket platform and submit them. On the cloud, students may even deliver them via web conferencing. Ratatype is an additional tool used by teachers that teaches pupils to type more quickly and provides online typing assessments to monitor their development.

A virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution is offered by Amazon’s AWS Cloud for K12 and Primary Education for use in school administration. Teachers and students can access teaching and learning software on many devices thanks to the cloud.

Healthcare Cloud Computing Examples

Example: IBM Cloud, Dell’s Secure Healthcare Cloud, and ClearDATA

Nurses, doctors, and administrators can easily share information via the cloud from any location. Large data files may be rapidly transferred for optimal convenience, which reduces expenses. This significantly increases productivity.

In the end, cloud computing guarantees that patients receive the best care without undue delay. Through remote conferencing, the patient’s condition can also be updated in a matter of seconds.

Although many contemporary hospitals have yet to use cloud computing, this is expected to happen soon.


Examples of Government Cloud Computing

Uses: Citizen services, shared services, and IT consolidation

The federal and armed forces of the United States were early adopters of cloud computing. Under the Obama administration, the U.S. Federal Cloud Computing Strategy was put in place to hasten the adoption of the cloud across all departments.

The focus will change from technology itself to the agency’s fundamental strengths and mission, the strategy claims.

The cloud used by the US government includes analytics, social, and mobile technology. They must, however, abide by stringent compliance and security requirements (FIPS, FISMA, and FedRAMP). This is done to guard against both internal and foreign cyberthreats.

Any company that struggles to stay organized, boost ROI, or expand their email lists should turn to cloud computing. Maropost delivers the online advertising options you need to transform your business.

Despite some disadvantages, the advantages of cloud computing are significant enough that it has become an integral part of our lives. It is important to understand how this technology works in order to take full advantage of its potential. The examples given illustrate just how ubiquitous and essential cloud computing has become. Hopefully, this article has helped you better understand this complicated but ultimately very useful technology.


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