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Information technology has emerged as a superpower. Every organization or sector’s growth is indebted to advanced technology and new developments happening on the digital front. We have seen new terminologies sprouting in the IT sector. Each is advantageous in its own way. Through this blog, we shed some light on Software as a Service (SaaS).

What is SaaS?

SaaS is the process by which individuals and organizations can access and operate applications over the internet without the need to get into the tedious and complex process of downloading and installing. The best example of SaaS is an online banking system. A bank allows customers to use the system for financial transactions at the same time it also protects the privacy of its customers.

SaaS Applications To Help Businesses Grow

Features & Advantages of SaaS

  • Availability over the internet
  • Maintained by a vendor
  • Accessibility is subscription-based or usage-based
  • Cost-effective model
  • Does not need maintenance
  • Caters as per the demand
  • Automatically upgraded
  • Multiple users can access a single infrastructure
  • All users use the same software version

SaaS vs packaged software

SaaS has always been preferred by several organizations. Considering the packaged software has many drawbacks SaaS has proved as the most viable option.

With the above comparison chart, one can see why SaaS is one of the preferred solutions for every business. A report by ReportLinker states that the global SaaS market will witness a growth of $99.99 billion between 2021 to 2025. Below is a list of Top 10 SaaS applications that are a must for every organization to grow.


This one needs no introduction. A brand that started off with licensed software products has been transforming to SaaS business model. Adobe has launched several SaaS products including the Adobe Experience platform.

Ideal for: Creative consultants, large B2C businesses, and large, mid-size and small marketing teams.

Key Features include:

  • A SaaS app marketplace
  • Ideal for creative design, customer experience management, and data analytics
  • Strong mobile presence
  • Customizable as per business/industry needs


Atalassian is known for the collaborative approach that it offers for remotely working teams. They offer solutions to project management, security use cases, IT services, and product development. Offers a plethora of third-party products.

Ideal for: Technology companies of any size who want to scale the planning and management of a project.

Key Features include:

  • Customizable as per team size and need
  • Covers a wide spectrum of use cases around technology design and management
  • Offers a discount if the volume is above 250 users
  • Strong in agile planning and agile product development


Formerly known as FreshDesk, Freshworks offers end-to-end solutions for small and mid-sized organizations for customer / employee engagement, IT service management for CRM, and customer service chatbots. It has homegrown AI capacity.

Ideal for: Ideal for small and mid-sized b2c organizations. Offers an option of per user pricing.

Key Features Include:

  • A range that covers CX, Sales & Marketing, IT and HR
  • Freshworks Neo offers end-to-end CX management
  • Partners with AWS, Slack, Microsoft for a holistic business ecosystem
  • Separate pricing for the independent product.

Top 10 SaaS Applications To Help Businesses Grow


Although Google isn’t just a SaaS provider (it also offers free web apps like Google search and infrastructure services like the Google Cloud and Kubernetes engine). Google’s SaaS-based productivity tools, together with its marketing and ad management platform, are what it is most famous for.

Ideal for: Small to mid-sized businesses and developers who want to build their products on cloud.

Key Features Include:

  • Offers to integrate suite of products
  • Custom solutions for the education and non-profit sector
  • Strong mobile presence
  • Wide range of developer tools


Microsoft 365 now offers productivity programs that were previously only available with a perpetual license. Along with well-known desktop applications like Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint, this also includes web-based SaaS solutions like Teams and SharePoint.

Key Features Include:

  • A strong customer base and strong infrastructure capabilities
  • Wide range of productivity tools
  • Integrated with the full software ecosystem
  • SaaS-based data analytics


Salesforce is an exclusive SaaS business with a lone flagship platform for various business sizes and industries. Along with the product, Salesforce also bears some of the blame for fostering a diverse, rewarding, and competitive workplace through the SaaS culture.

Key Features Include:

  • Aided plug-in tools and third-party integrations
  • Cutting Edge AI capabilities
  • Offers learning and tutorial model called Trailhead
  • Strong data analytics and visualization

7. XERO:

Xero, a New Zealand-based company, offers reasonably priced cloud-based accounting software for companies. Businesses can access payments with online-based invoices by connecting Xero to their bank accounts.

Ideal for: Small and mid-sized businesses for use cases in finance and accounting management.

Key Features include:

  • End to end accounting solutions
  • A cloud platform that has the capacity to integrate with more than 1000 apps
  • All plans an be accessed by unlimited users at a low base price
  • Easy sharing of data

SaaS Applications To Help Businesses Grow


Workflow management company ServiceNow enables you to digitize workflows in almost any industry and develop white-labeled solutions for your company’s requirements.

Ideal for: Development teams, Agile product companies, mid-size to large firms.

Key features include:

  • Offers pre-built products like Vaccine, Admin management and safe work-suite
  • Facilities third party plug-ins and enablers for Zoom, BitBucket, GitLab, Azure etc
  • Workflow automation for IT, HR, and CRM

9. ZOHO:

The business offers a number of distinct products that can be used alone or as a single SaaS-based digital operating system called Zohe One. In addition to providing a personalized solution through Zoho Creator, Zoho targets use cases in the areas of CRM, workplace communication, HR, marketing, and IT service management.

Ideal for: Small to mid-size businesses.

Key features include:

  • A low-code platform
  • Advanced analytics feature embedded in Zoho apps
  • 45+ integrated apps
  • AI powered assiatant

10. ZOOM:

When it first launched, Zoom was a SaaS-based video conferencing tool that could accommodate up to 25 users. Since then, it has expanded quickly and currently provides a variety of communication tools, such as Zoom chat, virtual meetings, cloud-based telephones, webinars, HD meetings, and conference room solutions.

Ideal for: Individuals, business users, organizations of any size.

Key features include:

  • Facilitates communication and collaboration for chat, telephony and video
  • Offers set up for Work from home or office
  • Upto 500 participants per con call

(Disclaimer: The above data will also be available on the web and is written from a generic perspective. Readers are advised to do research and choose the applications as per their needs and goals).

SaaS has brought a revolution in the way businesses operate. Investing in this can ensure good productivity, great customer relations, and significant savings. This technology has created a cutting-edge innovation.


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