Tips for Writing an Impressive Resume


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How to craft your resume to perfection?​

They say, it takes the employer only seven-seconds to ‘seal your fate’. At the same time, there’s NO fixed formula to writing a good resume. For instance, in the case of a doctor, education and regular upskilling takes precedence. While on the other hand, a writer’s resume is enlivened by their years of experience in the field, and the number of beats they have explored. Yet, this article will help you with tips on how to write a resume to sail through the initial process of recruitment, with ease.


The Resume Mantra: “Keep it short and clean”

Start with a clear header which mentions your full name, followed by your contact number, and professional e-mail id. Design is imperative, your resume must be aligned and should look like a piece of cake rather than a puzzle. In the age of social media, holding the recruiter’s attention is crucial therefore you must start by enlisting a brief summary of your skills and accomplishments and always remember brevity is key!

Recruiters must be aware that the aspiring candidate is clear about the profile and the expected job role. The resume serves as the ideal tool to explain how well one understands a specific role and what more can they bring to the table, to leaven the stance of the organization. Therefore, it also becomes essential for the employee to emphasize on the accomplishments rather than just giving insight on the role.

For example: After being appointed as a social media manager in XYZ company, as a team we successfully accomplished the task of increasing engagement by 43%.

Networking and strong communication skills are key to growth and professional development. Association with mentors or other prominent people from the field (or even outside the field for that matter) will give recruiters an insight of your understanding of the industry. It also gives recruiters an idea of how well connected one is as a person, which will also help one to ascend up the corporate ladder.

Prominent job seekers sites and EdTech sites (who’re also into the recruitment process) use a professional resume maker software that will help the employee in the creation of the perfect resume in a matter of seconds.

Storytelling is an art and they have the influence to enthrall a reader’s attention long after they are done reading it. You must look for opportunities in your CV to tell a story that creates interest for one to know the entire account behind certain accomplishments listed on your resume.

For example: You want to highlight your achievement of being an asset to ABC company, your work experience section could read Implemented cognizant solutions to increase points of visibility, share of voice and consumer engagement

Additionally, power-words like adaptable, achieved, accomplished, team-player, and implemented are often recognized by database software and tools used by enterprises & hiring organizations during a recruitment process.

Dont forget: Before submitting your resume, you must undertake several rounds of proofreading to confirm there aren’t any spelling or grammatical errors. While you may have spell check, it does not always identify everything, so be sure to read your resume several times. And, because even the most qualified writers make mistakes in their own work, ask a trusted adult or colleague to proofread it. After all, help will always be given to those who ask for it’.


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