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The mantra to crack a Python Developer’s Interview

By Nitin Ahire

The profile of a Python developer withholds a profound position in the computing space. This blog will walk you through some simple tips on how to prepare for python interview questions that will empower you with the confidence to pass the Python developer interview with flying colours. First, let’s understand why has Python programming become a buzzword. It is one of the popular, multi-faceted programming language. It is the ‘Astra’ in the field of Web development, data science, software prototype creators to name a few. This tool has become an essential part of every industry vertical due to which there has been an increasing demand for individuals with this expertise. We have decoded some points that one should keep in mind to succeed at the Python Developer interview.

  • Ability to understand and evaluate data structures and algorithms: Get yourself acquainted with Python data structures like lists, dictionaries and tuples. Also, you need to be able to analyze Python data structures and enforce its features such as lists or do a customised implementation of a class like Linked list. As the saying goes ‘Practice makes man perfect’ – rack your brains to solve the maximum interview questions that are available on the web.
  • Get into the teaching mode by learning to write the codes on a whiteboard or paper. First things first, is to get the fundamentals of Python programming in place. As life is full of surprises, there is a high possibility that the interviewer might not give you a laptop and will ask you to project your skills on the whiteboard or a piece of paper. You need to know how to enlist loops, flow models, and a list of comprehensions on the whiteboard. Seek expert guidance from our Master Trainers. They are Python Developers themselves, and they know best how best to deal with a sticky Interviewer. Our master trainers teach you how to crack code using any medium under absolutely any circumstances, preparing you well enough to make it through the interview and set an upward trend in your career as a Python Developer. Seeing is believing! Being equipped with a variety of codes shows your capability of creating software that will surely impress the interviewers and instil confidence in them. This is your chance to show that you can pen down well-organized codes that can be easily understood. By hosting your sample projects on GitHub, BitBucket or GitLab you can build a stronger portfolio.


  • Know your work at the back of your hand. Though Python developers form the backend team, they still need to be abreast with front-end technology. Both front-end and back-end teams work in tandem to understand the process, feasibility, and how will the application look and work.
  • Being more proactive than reactive is the best way to grab the interviewer’s attention. The passion to analyze the problem, apply a potential to the software and converting into a code will increase the chances of you being chosen for the job. Half the battle is won if the employer sees your willingness to handle challenging situations with your analytical and problem-solving ability.

In addition to the above there are some Do’s and Don’t’s that should be on your checklist:


  • Have basic knowledge on how to control Python
  • Use list comprehension
  • Technical know-how on the concept of Object-Oriented programming
  • Be aware of how to use the generators
  • Practice codes on whitepaper & soft board
  • Prepare yourself so that you are able to explain


  • Avoid over studying
  • Don’t avoid coding questions bounced off by the interviewer
  • Don’t argue with the interviewer
  • Codes are not to be memorized
  • Be confident in whatever you say
  • Do not be rude

Consider the above as a bible for your interview preparation. You can always read this article before heading out for the interview. Get set and go!


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