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With the advancement of the world and the incorporation of new knowledge regarding newer work responsibilities, there has been a rapid demand for skill upgradation and inculcation. One example is that as machines replace conventional labor employment, it is necessary to learn how to operate those equipment. Employers desire a world-class, highly qualified workforce to fill the skills gap. It is not always easy to find a candidate who meets all of your requirements. The skills gap is a term that describes the mismatch between what a job requires and what job prospects have in terms of professional backgrounds and knowledge. Employers are having difficulties finding people with the expertise and certifications needed to meet the demands of altering work roles, as the labor market relies more and more on computer skills. This will entail recruiting from unusual labor pools, educating employees, collaborating with educational institutions to improve graduate employability, and competing on a global scale for elite talent.



It is critical to bridge the talent gap between personnel in order for a company to be successful and to meet all of its reasons, objectives, and goals. Even if approaches such as vestibule training and skill development seminars may help to improve abilities, they are rarely implemented due to their low success rate. Many new organizations and career categories have emerged as a result of the global technology and industrial revolution. To meet the competence criterion for such firms and roles, one must locate talent pools that cater to the role’s particular requirements. EduBridge is one such talent pool that pulls raw potential and provides superior education and skills to provide a skilled individual to the particular sector. With its masters of disciplines and diverse choice of courses, EduBridge not only provides individuals with limitless chances to study and grow, but it also helps companies bridge the worker skill gap. EduBridge elevates learning to a ‘advanced’ level by offering advanced courses in Java development, data analytics, investment banking operations, and many others.

When delving deeper into the concept of skills and the ‘kinds’ of abilities required for various job profiles, two types of skills emerge: soft skills and hard skills. Soft skills are more about conduct, communication, and other emotional and interpersonal behaviors, whereas hard skills are more technical and deal with the job process. It is critical to develop both, as an optimal skill set includes both types of skills in proportion to the type of employment. At the time of EduBridge’s founding in 2009, the globe was transitioning from a labor-oriented to a tech-oriented mindset and was locked in a ‘firing-hiring’ cycle.


EduBridge provided various advanced courses that imparted the exact skills necessary by the involved industries in order to create a stable environment, ensuring that the labor is skilled, and minimize job layoffs. Apart from the employees, the employer’s profit was also secured. Companies no longer need ‘learning and development departments for the departure of skills coupled with infrastructure reduction due to a highly skilled workforce. EduBridge won the contest to bridge the workforce and skills gap by assuring the comprehensive development of employees, companies, and industries.


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