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EduBridge’s transformative impact is undeniable, boasting a staggering 156,767+ success stories and still counting we’ve facilitated the placement of nearly 1,00,000 learners across 300+ esteemed companies nationwide. With a robust presence spanning 18 states, formidable local networks, battle-tested technological architecture, and enduring partnerships with recruiters and corporations, EduBridge has evolved into a cutting-edge workforce development platform. Our mission is to seamlessly guide the youth from learners to invaluable contributors in the workforce.

EduBridge has garnered numerous prestigious awards, including the highly coveted Times 40 under 40 accolades. Our expansion into the Philippines with EXL has made waves in the media, showcasing our commitment to providing top-quality education. This commitment is evident through our transparent operations and the countless success stories of learners who have excelled in their respective fields.

At EduBridge, we hold ourselves to rigorous quality standards and maintain complete transparency in all our operations. Our team of dedicated educators ensures that every learner receives the best possible education and support. We want to emphasize that EduBridge is a legitimate ed-tech firm, characterized by trustworthiness and authenticity. Any doubts about our legitimacy should be immediately dispelled by our remarkable achievements, active engagement with learners and industry experts and our unwavering pursuit of educational excellence. For us, authenticity is not just a claim; it’s the very essence of who we are.


Our impressive track record proves our success in helping learners secure jobs after completing our programs. Our job placement assistance transforms lives by bridging the gap between education and employment.


EduBridge leads India’s Workforce Development Platform, partnering with industry leaders like TATA Strive, HSBC, Capgemini, J.P. Morgan, Tech Mahindra, and more. We also collaborate with government bodies, such as DDU-GKY, ASAP in Malappuram, RSLDC, and the Directorate of Higher Education in Himachal Pradesh. Further, we work with NGOs like Anirban Rural Welfare Society, Committed Communities Development Trust, and UDYOGINI, creating a holistic ecosystem for the workforce Development.

With such significant stats and partnerships, it’s clear that EduBridge is a genuine platform committed to transforming lives through education and meaningful employment opportunities.

To know more about our placement terms and conditions feel free to check out here.

EduBridge has recently introduced three personalized career passports exclusively for learners. You have the freedom to choose the career passports that will greatly impact your career path. This innovation encourages you to pursue a journey towards achieving great success. You are now in control of shaping your future and determining your path to a fulfilling career.



Our success stories carry undeniable credibility, solidifying the fact that EduBridge is not a scam and a solid testament to the power of education and skills development in shaping brighter futures. Let’s dive right into the inspiring success stories and heartfelt testimonials from our learners who have transformed their lives after completing the courses from EduBridge.



Want to check out more testimonials from our learners, visit our YouTube channel, Learn Online with EduBridge, where you’ll find a wealth of testimonials of our learners who have successfully pursued their dreams after completing the course from EduBridge.


At EduBridge, transparency is at the core of everything we do. We believe in providing our learners with clear, upfront, and easily accessible information, including our terms and conditions. We understand the importance of knowing the rules and guidelines that govern our programs and services, which is why we make them readily available on our webpage. This commitment to transparency ensures that our learners have a comprehensive understanding of what to expect when they embark on their educational journey with us.


In the world of education, trust is the cornerstone upon which institutions and learners build their relationships. However, false placement claims represent a breach of that trust. These instances are akin to a shadow that looms over the academic landscape, obscuring the accomplishments of honest graduates and undermining the credibility of educational institutions. Likewise, the manipulation of refund requests by exploiting vague terms and conditions is an unfortunate departure from ethical conduct. These actions serve as a reminder of the pressing need for transparency, integrity, and accountability within the education sector. In this section, we delve into these disconcerting practices to shed light on their implications and the measures necessary to uphold the sanctity of educational Processes.

It is always advisable to read the terms and conditions before dropping the false allegations.

All that you need to know about our refund policy:

Refunds are exclusively available to individuals who register for the guarantee program and sustain compliance with all stated terms and conditions present in the agreement and/or outlined on the official website. The eligibility for a refund is specified on the respective product page. If, for any circumstance, the learner decides to terminate the pay registration for this Program, EduBridge will not extend a refund. Similarly, in situations where the learner has enrolled and submitted payment for a program, a complete reimbursement will be provided if EduBridge encounters an inability to initiate training or organize services within 365 days from the payment date.

(i) If there is evidence of learner improper collaboration in any non-collaborative aspect of the course, or if the learner engages in activities to unfairly enhance the performance during the course or program, or if any post-course activities are discovered to be deceptive, fraudulent, or misrepresented, and if these actions affect the learner’s employment prospects, refunds will not be granted.

(ii) If the learner has received an employment offer from a potential employer and subsequently tries to substitute another individual, whether, for monetary gain or any other form of consideration, payment, or otherwise, the learner will not be eligible for refunds.

To be clear, EduBridge takes violations of its policies seriously, and it is under no obligation to provide refunds to users who breach these terms, even within the stipulated refund period. Similarly, EduBridge is not obligated to offer refunds to learners who do not achieve a passing grade in their respective courses or who are dissatisfied with their final grade.

To know more about terms and conditions click here.


A job guarantee program is a proactive employment initiative designed to ensure that learners have access to job opportunities, especially after completing the program. These programs offer learners a guaranteed job placement, in the industry they have expertise.

However, in some cases, learners might enroll in these programs to avoid active participation in completing the course while still expecting only to get a job. This can create a situation where learners exploit the program’s benefits without fully contributing to the intended goals. Such instances underscore the importance of program oversight, accountability and effective evaluation to ensure that job guarantee programs genuinely benefit both individuals and the broader community they are designed to serve.

Interview and/or job guarantee-related services be void when:

In certain situations, the service will be considered void, and further assistance will not be provided under the following conditions:

– Regular class attendance is mandatory. If the learner’s training completion falls below 70%, the learner will be removed from the course and no longer eligible.
– Successful and timely completion of all assessments is required, with a final grade of B or higher.
– Mandatory attendance of 100% is necessary during placement counselling sessions, mock interviews and similar program requirements.
– Accepting a job offer from a different employer not associated with the program before the guarantee period’s end.
– Missing two consecutive interviews scheduled by EduBridge without valid reason or permission.
– Receiving a job offer (full-time, part-time, temporary, freelance, or permanent) from any organization as part of the program.
– Not agreeing to relocate for the job location as stipulated by the prospective employer.
– Ignoring communication (emails, SMS, calls, social media) from EduBridge or the prospective employer related to the program.
– Being self-employed during the program duration.
– If you are an ‘Experienced Learner,’ failing to provide prior experience letters, appointment letters, pay slips and salary details from previous employers.
– If you are an ‘Experienced Learner’ and do not indicate any gaps in education or work experience in the past.



EduBridge is India’s premier workforce development platform that empowers learners to forge impactful careers with esteemed corporations through comprehensive training and career-focused services. Established in October 2009 by visionary IIM alumni and professors, EduBridge has emerged as an integrated workforce development organization, orchestrating a transformative journey for the nation’s unemployed youth. Its profound commitment encompasses the entirety of career development lifecycle, equipping young individuals with self-awareness, vital skills sought by recruiters and the tools to secure lasting employment, thereby fostering sustainable and prosperous career paths. Leveraging over a decade of invaluable experience, EduBridge has successfully honed the capabilities of more than 150,000 young minds and facilitated the placement of nearly 100,000 learners across 300+ esteemed companies nationwide. With a formidable physical presence spanning 18 states, robust local networks, battle-tested technological architecture and enduring alliances with recruiters, corporations and youth, EduBridge as an ed-tech platform has metamorphosed into an integrated workforce development platform that is designed to guide the youth seamlessly from their roles as learners to invaluable contributors in the workforce.

EduBridge boasts a versatile business model, generating revenue through learning, career and talent solutions. Its headquarters are situated in Mumbai and serve as the nucleus of our operations, while our expansive network of offices across India comprises a dedicated workforce of over 500 professionals.

Our core principles are:

  • Ethics: We operate with an unwavering commitment to the highest standards of integrity and discipline.
  • Teamwork: Nurturing an environment underpinned by respect and inclusivity, we foster collaborative efforts to achieve both personal and professional objectives.
  • Quality: We uphold a consistent dedication to delivering unparalleled products and services that set the industry benchmark.
  • Learners First: Our approach revolves around the learner and client, steering our endeavours toward continually enhancing customer experiences.

Our mission resounds with a resolute determination to empower the youth to shape India’s future, forging a path toward enhanced livelihoods. With an unwavering vision, we aspire to cement our status as the quintessential provider of top-tier skill and career development, seamlessly reaching every corner of the nation.

In a nutshell, EduBridge is not merely a platform but a conduit of transformation, uniting aspirations with opportunities and youth with success.

Here’s the milestone which we achieved so far…

We have created an impact in the lives of 1,56,767+ Learners and still counting…


To know more about EduBridge click here.


At EduBridge, we take great pride in our dedication to providing courses of exceptional quality. Our curriculum is carefully crafted to establish a new benchmark in educational excellence. We offer a top-notch learning experience that emphasizes practical application rather than just theory.

Our curriculum is carefully designed with consideration of current market trends and preferences of recruiters. This ensures that our learners are equipped with the skills that are relevant in today’s ever-changing job landscape. We collaborate with industry experts to create each course, providing real insights and expertise that directly align with the hiring needs of top tech companies.

Our programs provide you with unparalleled advantages:

  • EduBridge’s Premier Learner Portal: Unleash the power of learning on your terms. With access to voiceover-enhanced content, our portal offers the convenience of learning at your pace, anytime and on any device.
  • Faculty Expertise: Experience live classes led by faculty members boasting over a decade of industry experience. With a faculty-to-learner ratio of 1:25, personalized guidance is at the heart of your learning journey.
  • Premier Resume Builder: Elevate your profile with the guidance of our training mentor, optimizing your resume for maximum impact.
  • Project Consultation and Feedback: Gain insights and guidance through one-on-one consultations with industry experts.
  • Weekend Doubt Clearing Sessions: Subject Matter Experts are on hand to address your queries and enhance your understanding.
  • Guest Lectures from Industry Experts: Gain firsthand insights from distinguished professionals through our guest lecture series.

For a comprehensive view of our diverse course offerings, check out here.


Transparency is at the core of EduBridge values, and we are proud to stand by this principle. Our commitment is to provide transparent pricing with no hidden fees. We believe in complete financial transparency, ensuring that learners’ are never charged anything beyond the agreed-upon amount.

Additionally, we provide comprehensive information regarding our courses, including their duration and expected outcomes right from the outset. Our dedication to transparency extends to our learner support services, where we offer complete clarity in assisting our learners from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM through multiple channels’ thus ensuring learners’ success at EduBridge.


In the intricacy of ed-tech choices, EduBridge stands out as the epitome of credibility, casting a commanding presence. Its reputation sets a benchmark and creates a contrast with alternatives. With a proven legacy of excellence, EduBridge’s image illuminates the path of discerning comparisons, showcasing an unwavering commitment to reliability.



To conclude there is absolutely no room for ambiguity here stating EduBridge is NOT a scam. It’s high time we put an end to baseless skepticism and acknowledge EduBridge’s unwavering commitment to equipping learners with valuable skills and knowledge. The multitude of success stories from learners who’ve flourished through EduBridge programs serves as evidence of its authenticity. So, instead of mindlessly throwing baseless accusations of fraud, it’s time to acknowledge the unequivocally positive impact that Edubridge has on education and the opportunities it provides for learners.


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