Difference Between Domain Skills and Soft Skills

Nitin Ahire

May 22, 2022

‘Are you a graduate?’ this was the ask at every interview decade back. Gradually as life emerged and modernization seeped in the ask shifted to “Are you skilled?”. Today’s job scenario has undergone a dynamic shift. With specialized industry verticals, newer technology and specific demand for professionals with specialized skill sets have put upskilling and re-skilling in the spotlight. Skills too, have been further classified into Domain skills and Soft Skills. Domain skills aka Hard skills are all about having specific knowledge and training on a particular topic or profession of your interest. Soft skills are more relatable to traits like leadership, communications, time management, and other overarching skill that can be put to use in any profession. Let us understand both skillsets in further detail.


Hard skills are technical knowledge or training that you imbibe from teachings by experts, researching, and gaining experience by working in an organization over a period of time. For e.g. If you are a retail professional then you will have knowledge about point of sale. Hard skills are more industry-specific as it is all about working knowledge of software, mechanical operations, and technical know-how. Hard skills are the primary aspect that employers see on your CV. The hunt is always for resources that can add value to the organizations with specific expertise. The demand for hard skills is dynamic due to the rapid advancement in technology, and innovation that creates demand for new skills. One has to constantly keep evolving with the market trend by researching, and enrolling in new courses to learn the skills and be aware of the latest trends. In a nutshell, the below diagram will help you understand the hard skills in the simplest way.


Soft skills are personality traits that can help you grow professionally. Many people do not give much importance or pay attention to honing their soft skills. Every employer knows the importance of soft skills and considers them as an asset that will help in productivity. Soft skill is all about the way you communicate, rationally think, team management, time management, decision-making abilities, and written skills. These skills are needed for a professional to attain a good appraisal and step to the next designation. The below chart lets you understand Soft skills.


List of Hard skills and soft skills



Bilingual or Multi-Lingual


Database management


Software knowledge


Network Security

Team Work

Data / Statistical Analysis


Data Mining

Problem solving ability

Software development

Time Management

Product Design

People Management

Mechanical / Automation skills

Decision making

Marketing campaign management

Organizational skills

Though both the skills are different, they are equally important for every profession. Both hard skills and soft skills need constant improvisation to stay ahead of the game. The world has become dynamic and every day there are changes happening. To be in line with these changes one must constantly learn and develop the skills that create an impact in your job.

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