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We are all learning in new and uncharted ways during the COVID pandemic. Perhaps one of the most important lessons we can learn is how to create and use new learning spaces. This blog post will discuss some ideas for creating a new learning space, as well as offer ways to make your current learning space more learner-centered.

The Lockdown

Post-Covid World

As the world entered the 4th digital revolution, it became clear that enterprises would need to transcend into the online space in order to stay relevant. This created a demand for digitally literate employees who were skilled in both domain-specific skills and soft skills. In response, edTech platforms began offering online courses that would allow learners and professionals to gain the skills they needed to stay ahead of the curve. These courses proved to be incredibly popular, as they allowed people to upskill or reskill quickly and easily. As a result, EdTech became an essential tool for helping people to stay competent in a rapidly changing world.

Plus Pointers

The employability of graduates has been a pressing concern for many years now. The traditional educational system often fails to provide students with the practical skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the workplace. As a result, enterprices are often resist to hire graduates from these institutions. However, this is beginning to change, thanks to the rise of EdTech platforms. These platforms are collaborating with prominent enterprises to create courses that provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the workplace. As a result, beneficiaries are not only able to gain a valuable qualification, but also gain a placement guarantee from a reputable enterprise. This is helping to bridge the gap between educational institutions and employers, and is creating new opportunities for graduates.

How did the change come about?

The change that has come about in the field of education is one that was brought on by the humble beginnings of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the lockdown in place, it became increasingly difficult for people to access educational opportunities. This was especially true for those who were already at a disadvantage, such as beneficiaries and professionals who faced a severe digital divide. However, even as schools moved online, it became clear that the existing educational curriculum was no longer fit for purpose. Instructors found it difficult to impart lessons effectively, and students were struggling to keep up. In order to address these issues, NEP started a special wing for trainers called the Guru School. Here, instructors are taught how to train other instructors in an online module. This has helped to ensure that education includes not only tech skills but also problem-solving, analytical, and creative skills, which are essential in today’s workforce. As such, it is clear that the change that has come about is one that is forged from the grassroots level.

The Future

As the world increasingly moves online, it’s clear that technology is here to stay and that means the future of education is likely to be heavily reliant on tech. This is especially true when it comes to skilling and lifelong learning. In an ever-changing world, it’s becoming more and more important for people to continuously update their skills and knowledge. Technology offers the perfect platform for this. With EdTech businesses proliferating, there will be more and more opportunities for people to access quality training and education online. Additionally, we’re likely to see a shift towards non-tech skills being taught via technology. Healthcare, marketing, and finance are just some of the areas that are expected to take precedence in the coming years. So it’s clear that the future of education is very much intertwined with the future of technology.

Why EdTechs are ideal?

When people ask why EdTech are ideal, there is usually a laundry list of answers. If I had to pick the most important one, it would be this: EdTechs are ideal because you can attend the program from anywhere. That’s right—whether you’re living in a rural town or a big city, as long as you have an internet connection, you can access your classes and learning materials.


But that’s not the only reason EdTechs are ideal. Another big selling point is the fact that their curriculum is varied and industry-aligned. No matter what field you’re interested in pursuing, chances are there’s an EdTech out there that offers courses relevant to your interests. Since most EdTechs offer different instructional models (like hybrid sessions, live classes, and recorded classes), you can tailor your learning experience to fit your needs and schedule.

5G Being The Tying Factor

Of course, none of this would be possible without 5G technology—which is yet another reason why EdTechs are ideal. Thanks to 5G, we can enjoy a seamless education flow, with little to no lag time or interrupted service. This means that whether you’re watching a recorded lecture or participating in a live discussion, your connection will be strong and reliable.

But in our opinion, one of the best things about EdTechs is that they provide classrooms without walls. Whether you want to study abroad for a semester or take a course offered by another university, all you have to do is log into your account and you’re good to go. Plus, because most EdTech courses are self-paced, you can come back to studying whenever you feel the need—which is really helpful if you ever find yourself taking a hiatus from school (for work or other reasons).

Promoting Tranparency

It’s important to mention that EdTechs promote transparency in education owing to their use of Learning Management System (LMS) frameworks. With an LMS in place, both students and instructors can easily track progress, view grades, submit assignments, and more. This type of system helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that no one falls behind.

Technology has drastically changed since the industrial revolution and with it, so has the process of learning. No longer are people limited to only acquiring new skills during their school years; there are now EdTechs that can help us learn at any stage in our lives. By making sure that people are learning what they want and need, Edtechs can help create a more knowledgeable and well-rounded population. What stage in your life are you currently at? And what do you want or need to learn?


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