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Today, every company needs high-quality products and fast time to go to the market to bring a good customer experience (CX). But for businesses to meet the growing demand for high-quality products, the adoption of robust software developments and testing methods is required. Here comes the Agile and DevOps approach to the fore.

The agile approach plays a vital role in improving team productivity with its repetitive model. Although, the DevOps approach ensures effective interaction between development (Dev) and performance teams (Ops). As Agile and DevOps methods are the key to enabling faster and quality releases, businesses embrace them at a fast pace.

Agile Methodology

It is a software testing method guided by specific principles mentioned in the fastest software development manifesto. This approach follows the add-on/repeat method, and the purpose of this method is to deliver quality software. It also involves ongoing collaboration between stakeholders and groups and ensures continuous improvements in product quality. In this method, the software is developed and tested in small phases known as sprints, and each sprint varies from 1 to 3 weeks.

DevOps Methodology

This approach aims to break the traditional barriers between groups that work in contrast to the waterfall model. It is an evolution from an old way of working and a way of developing business software and a test system that emphasizes collaboration and communication between different working groups. This approach includes continuous improvement, integration, testing, delivery, and monitoring processes to ensure the fast release and high-quality software.

Agile Vs DevOps Methodologies

In 2001, a revolutionary manifesto paved the way for the ageing process. This manifesto document contained specific values ​​and principles that guide developers and inspectors to break down a project into smaller parts, speed up feedback loops and align product features with customer needs. The beginners who used the agile method were small software startups eager to disrupt the market and willing to take risks. As this approach grows, larger businesses are starting to use it. The fast method worked well for some time as it helped developers produce software in small batches. But later, they realized that it lacks the capacity for continuous testing and delivery.

Due to the growing demand for fast releases, high-quality software and fast time to market, businesses need advanced methods such as DevOps processes. Companies have gone from Agile to DevOps methodology as they have helped themselves in many ways as listed below:

  • It breaks the residue between different groups, thus allowing for more interaction
  • Allows teams to constantly evaluate and improve the code and thus ensure that the software complies with customer requirements.
  • Ensures continuous product delivery by enabling CI / CD pipeline
  • Helps businesses develop an overall organizational culture and ensure early sales with fast and continuous release

The importance of implementing DevOps CI / CD in the modern Agile environment

CI / CD stands for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD), where modern software philosophy allows engineers to make minor changes and constantly evaluate code. The primary goal of the CI is to establish a consistent and automated approach to building, packaging, and testing applications. The CD is closely related to the CI and enables automation of the entire software delivery process through flexible tools. In addition, it binds and delivers the integrated code into the production phase without any interruptions or delays.

Both CI and CD are the core of the DevOps environment. There are various benefits that businesses can take advantage of using the DevOps CI / CD pipeline:

  • Helps to detect early troubles –

Automated automatic testing using the CI / CD pipeline helps detect bugs early in the SDLC.

  • Improves software quality –

Prompt detection of viruses ensures quick fixes and helps develop secure and reliable software.

  • Ensures fast time to go to market-

Enabling CI / CD pipelines helps in increasing the speed of software delivery. It also helps businesses reach the market faster and reach a competitive edge.

  • Allows for a quick response –

Generally, for any changes that are bound to the code, the test is performed simultaneously, which helps to avoid any link breach. Quick response with CI tools helps to evaluate and improve product quality.

  • Provides more visibility –

CI / CD pipelines provide more visibility for the entire DevOps process. It helps teams analyze software design processes, test results, and issues more effectively.

  • Automation saves time and effort for QA teams –

The automatic CI / CD pipeline frees team members from being able to focus on vital tasks and innovation. It ultimately saves them time and effort.

For businesses to reap the full benefits, they should start using CI / CD DevOps downtime using various software testing methods.



Businesses are approaching the DevOps methodology for various reasons: First, the emergence of the Agile method makes it easier for developers to use it. Second, this approach allows developers to access the market and improve organizational culture. Lastly, it ensures maximum customer satisfaction, a current requirement for all businesses. Businesses must use DevOps automation testing from the next generation of QA and a private testing software provider to effectively use DevOps and faster delivery of high-quality products.

EduBridge has been at the forefront of enabling automated testing in DevOps services using the latest flexible software testing tools. Our testing services better support business objectives by an effective automated testing strategy that gets aligned with the business objectives of the business.


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