A complete guide on MBA Salary in India for Freshers & Experienced in 2024


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For many professionals in India, pursuing an MBA represents a strategic career move, promising enhanced knowledge, wider networks, and, of course, a coveted bump in salary. But navigating the landscape of MBA salaries can be as complex as mastering financial management itself. As we step into 2024, understanding the expected MBA salaries for both freshers and experienced professionals becomes crucial for those considering this transformative journey.

Fresher MBA Salary Trends

Fresher MBA Salary Trends:

For fresh MBA graduates, entering the workforce brings a mix of excitement and uncertainty. The average MBA salary in India for freshers in 2024 is estimated to be around ₹7.25 lakh per annum. However, this figure can vary significantly depending on several factors:

  • Specialization: Certain specializations like Finance, Marketing, and Business Analytics tend to command higher starting salaries compared to others.
  • Institute Reputation: The prestige and alumni network of your B-school can significantly impact your initial pay package. Top-tier institutes like IIMs and ISB can offer starting salaries exceeding ₹20 lakh.
  • Location: Metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore offer higher salaries compared to smaller towns.
  • Previous Work Experience: Even with limited experience, relevant work experience before your MBA can boost your starting salary.
  1. Entry-Level Packages:
    When it comes to fresh MBA graduates, the MBA starting salary in India per month can vary significantly depending on the industry. Sectors like Consulting, IT, and Finance are known for offering competitive packages, typically ranging from INR 6 to 12 lakhs per annum. However, it’s important to note that the exact figures are influenced by factors such as the reputation of the business school, individual skills, and the specific role.
  2. Specializations Matter:
    The choice of MBA specialization plays a crucial role in determining the salary brackets. Graduates specializing in Finance and Consulting often experience higher starting salaries compared to their counterparts in Marketing or Human Resources.
  3. Top-Tier vs. Mid-Tier Institutes:
    It’s no secret that highest MBA salary in India is offered to graduates of premier business schools. However, mid-tier institutes also witness commendable placement figures with attractive starting salaries. Top-tier institutes like IIMs and ISB can offer starting salaries exceeding ₹20 lakh. The key to success lies in aligning your career goals with the strengths of the chosen business school.

Types of MBA and Starting MBA Salary in India:

Check out below the MBA package in India and its type.

Types of MBA and Starting MBA Salary in India

MBA Average Salary in India as per specialization

MBA Average Salary in India as per specialization

For working professionals who hold an MBA, the salary landscape expands significantly. It is estimated that the average salary for this group in 2024 will be around ₹11 lakh per annum. However, similar to entry-level candidates, there are several factors that influence this figure:

  • Years of Experience: The number of years of experience gained after obtaining an MBA directly correlates with higher earning potential. Professionals with 5-10 years of experience can command salaries exceeding ₹20 lakh.
  • Industry & Company: Different industries offer varying salary ranges. Finance, Consulting, and Technology sectors tend to offer higher salaries compared to others. Moreover, multinational companies and large Indian corporations often provide more lucrative compensation packages than smaller firms.
  • Performance & Skillset: Your performance in your previous role, along with your skillset and accomplishments, plays a crucial role in determining your salary. Additionally, having strong negotiation skills can greatly impact your compensation during the offer stage.
  • Global Exposure: Global exposure is an asset in today’s professional landscape. Professionals who have gained international experience through global assignments or by pursuing an MBA from renowned international institutions possess a distinct advantage. Their diverse skill sets, cultural intelligence, and fresh perspectives make them highly desirable to multinational corporations. By recognizing the value of global exposure, professionals can unlock new opportunities and enjoy the rewards of a successful and fulfilling career.

By considering these factors, experienced professionals with an MBA can strategically position themselves to maximize their earning potential.

Online MBA salary in India

The average salary for online MBA graduates in India is subject to variation due to several factors, but here’s a breakdown to help you understand the landscape:

Average Salary:

For freshers, the average salary ranges from ₹5 to ₹6 Lakhs per annum. On the other hand, experienced professionals can expect a significantly higher salary, typically starting around ₹10 to ₹12 Lakhs per annum. However, it is important to note that this figure can vary based on factors such as experience, skills, and industry.

  • Reputation of the Institution: Graduates from reputable colleges and schools with close ties to business typically earn better pay.
  • Specialisation: Compared to other specialisations, some, including finance, marketing, and business analytics, frequently pay more.
  • Location: Compared to smaller towns, metropolitan areas like Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai sometimes provide better incomes.
  • Prior Work Experience: Relevant work experience gained prior to completing your online MBA might increase your beginning wage, even if it is minimal.
  • Individual Performance & Skills: Your accomplishments, skill set, and academic record all have a big impact on your potential pay.
  • Industry & Company: Salary levels vary by industry, and international corporations and huge Indian enterprises tend to offer higher compensation than smaller businesses.

Important Points to Remember:

  • Online MBA salaries might be slightly lower than traditional MBA salaries initially, but the gap tends to close over time.
  • The ROI (Return on Investment) for online MBAs is generally considered high due to the lower program fees compared to traditional MBAs.
  • Focus on developing strong skills, networking, and building a solid professional profile to maximize your earning potential after an online MBA.
  • Utilize salary comparison websites, placement reports from your online institution, and industry publications to get a more accurate picture of the specific salary range for your desired career path.
  • Don’t solely focus on salary; consider career growth, network building, and personal development opportunities when evaluating the value of an online MBA.

Negotiating Your MBA Salary:

  1. Determine Your Value:
    Prioritize researching and comprehending the industry standards and salary benchmarks relevant to your role and level of experience. This knowledge will empower you during salary negotiations, enabling you to advocate for fair compensation.
  2. Showcase Your Accomplishments:
    Place emphasis on your achievements and the significant value you bring to the organization. Highlighting tangible contributions often serves as a compelling justification for higher remuneration.
  3. Evaluate the Comprehensive Package:
    While the fixed salary holds utmost importance, it is essential not to overlook other components of the compensation package. Consider bonuses, stock options, and benefits, as they contribute to the overall value and satisfaction derived from your employment.

By adopting a proactive and informed approach to negotiating your MBA salary, you can ensure that your compensation aligns with your worth and the value you bring to the table.


Embarking on an MBA journey is not merely a commitment to education; it is an investment in shaping your future career. As the corporate landscape constantly evolves, staying well-informed about current salary trends empowers you to make strategic decisions that align perfectly with your professional aspirations.

Looking ahead to 2024, the MBA salary landscape in India continues to present enticing prospects for both newcomers and seasoned professionals. The secret lies in harnessing your unique skills, selecting the most suitable specialization, and skillfully navigating the job market to secure a gratifying and fulfilling career. By doing so, you position yourself for success in this dynamic and ever-changing business world.


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