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Going digital is the in thing today! Be it an organization or an individual everyone wants to make a mark on the internet or be updated with the latest digital trends. Be it by promoting your brand/business or be it creating a strong profile with eye-catchy pictures and inspiring quotes on the wall. However, this is just the basic understanding of digital media from a commoner or fresher’s perspective. But there is much more to it. Through this blog, we help you understand the concept of digital marketing and how one can build a career in digital marketing.

The scope

Digitization has seeped into our lives. People spending maximum time on phones and laptops has made marketers realize the importance of promoting their brands digitally. Digital mediums also have given an opportunity for big and small organizations to reach a wider audience. All these factors have changed the face of marketing and have increased the need for people with digital skills. Every firm has or needs a digital or social media person to run their day-to-day activities to accelerate sales, growth, and awareness.

Growth of Digital Marketing (Source: Statista)

As the above statistics show the evolution and growth of digitization in India. The figures have leaped to a whopping 35% in 2022 which was very less in 2011 and 2015. This figure will see a sharp rise by 2024.

Who should get into digital marketing?

Digital marketing is not restricted to social media but it offers many options to make a career. Below are some of the digital marketing choices that one can opt for:

  •  Social media enthusiasts can opt for marketing
  •  Individuals who love coding can become a web developer
  •  Content writing for people with a flair for writing
  •  Graphic designing
  •  Data Analysts

The skills that are in demand

Fierce competition among brands has increased the importance of Search engine optimization (SEO). Topping in the search results is every brand’s need these days. This is where the search engine optimizers come into the picture. Owing to the growing demand, learning SEO skills may land you in some of the highest-paying jobs. Apart from this, there are other skills that too are in great demand. Below are some of the high-on-demand career opportunities

  •     Digital Marketing Manager
  •     Social Media Marketer
  •     Content Marketer
  •     Email Marketer
  •     Search Engine Marketing
  •     Content Creation – Written, AR and VR
  •     Video Production
  •     Automation Expert
  •     Paid Media consultant
  •     Data Analyst
  •     Web Developer

Tips to start a career in digital marketing

Learn relevant digital marketing skills depending on your field of interest

  •     Enroll for digital a course that covers all aspects of digital marketing
  •     Grow your knowledge by taking up internship/freelance projects
  •     Build a strong portfolio

Digital marketing is the next big thing and is ever-evolving. In order to be ahead of the race, every professional must keep their skills and knowledge updated by adapting to these changes. Staying relevant to the market is the trick of the trade.

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