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After extensive analysis and reviews, the L&D Team at EduBridge is sure that as a workforce development platform, we skill learners on programs that will help accelerate their career in a dynamic business environment, as they keep by implementing changes in the course of their career. Our aim involves skilling youth in relevant and in-demand tech and non-tech skills, enabling them to emerge as promising global professionals.

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Course Reviews for EduBridge

Below are some of the most genuine reviews and ratings by our learners.

Advanced Certification Program in Investment Banking Operations
Course Rating

Thanks for guiding me toward my goal.

Advanced Certification Program in Data Analytics
Course Rating

Overall, the training is very good. Trainer is  explaining each term perfectly. Excellent teaching.

Certification Program in Investment Banking Operations (256 Hrs)
Course Rating

This course and the training provided by EduBridge is going well. Commendable work.

Post Graduate Certification in Java Full Stack Development for Engineers
Course Rating

The most beneficial aspect of this course was the freedom we got to ask questions to Trainers any time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Once registered with EduBridge for free, you will gain access to some Learn By Yourself courses which are 100% self-study courses which can be completed at your own pace.
We do not provide recorded sessions since our key differentiator is the experience that you get with face-to-face training with our Master Trainers. However, you will be able to get access to several content related videos by subscribing to our “Learn Online with EduBridge” YouTube Channel.

Every employee at EduBridge has ample opportunities to learn and grow. Our work generates significant value for all stakeholders within the ecosystem and contributes to the betterment of society, no matter which role you are in with EduBridge. You can view some of the EduBridge Learning Reviews by the employees

EduBridge has a motto of Learner First and thus, everything that EduBridge does is with the learners in mind. Learners have provided EduBridge with an excellent 4.5 / 5 average rating which has only become better over the years! Learners seem to like the courses being offered and the curriculum is up to date with everything revolving around readying them for employability and their future career path. The fact that 40% of our sales is currently through referrals speaks volume about the courses and curriculum being offered to these learners.

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