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Do your skills match the basic employability benchmark of the industry? Here's a chance to test your current skills!

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Test will be live between

27th January 2022
31st January 2022

Time duration: 45 min

Result Date: 4th February 2022

Phases of JREE launch


For learners from the
Engineering stream.


For learners from the
IT/Computer streams but not Engineers.

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For learners from all other

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About JREE

Every recruiter is looking to recruit fresh talent off campus once they have graduated. Recruiters not only look for candidates who have the best domain knowledge but also look at overall personality, aptitude, attitudes and many more factors to find a candidate that is also a cultural fit for their organizations.

Aptitude tests have been conducted to identify one's knowledge within one or more areas since decades. This enables organizations to understand a candidate's efficiency and abilities to keep up with the pressures and challenges required to excel at the job role being offered. It is observed that the candidate who understands what companies are looking for apart from domain knowledge and prepares for it beforehand, has higher chances of getting selected during campus placement drives and interviews. Hence, it is important to prepare thoroughly before appearing for aptitude tests at any stage in the career.

Don't worry! We have this all figured out!

What is JREE?

EduBridge's Job Readiness and Employability Evaluation (JREE) is a free online assessment that provides a platform for learners to check their employability readiness by measuring their overall skills in four different segments based on their electives or specialization. This is an exclusive test conducted on National level.

How does it work?

JREE is an online 30-45 minutes, objective-based test, specially designed by EduBridge to evaluate IT skills, aptitude, communication skills & industry readiness of the test taker. The Evaluation not only assesses functional abilities but behavioural traits as well, which is crucial to gain a foothold in any industry and to progress in one's career.

What skills are the most important for being “JOB-READY”?

Domain Skills

Domain knowledge is an important part of the employability assessment of any candidate applying for the respective domain-centric job role. JREE will validate the proficiency level of the test taker against the job role they desire to apply for. An accurate match of job-related skills is crucial for selecting the right candidates for the job for any corporate and hence, additional certification and comprehensive report from JREE will prove to add more weightage to why the test taker is a perfect match for the job role in question.

Communication Skills

The job market prefers candidates who has not just the ability to speak a particular language but also has good command over various other aptitudes and capabilities connected to personality and communication. Good communication skills also include the ability to listen and respond correctly, write effective emails and business reports, and create interesting presentations and much more. They also assess the candidate on the quality of vocabulary used for framing important correspondence between the peers, superiors and subordinates. However, communication skills also matter when just generally expressing thoughts and ideas to internal or external clients.

What does one get after the JREE test?

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  • Assess current skills & aptitude required as per industry standards
  • Get National level recognition for Score and Certification by EduBridge
  • Chance to get awarded with special scholarships based on JREE scores
  • Overall Employability Score & Qualitative interpretation
  • National Ranking and Regional Ranking
  • Validated Certificate / Scorecard by EduBridge for Employment Purpose
  • Personalized Career counselling by expert Career and Placement counsellors
  • Scholarships for enrolling for and acquiring domain skills on EduBridge Certification Programs
  • Comprehensive Scorecard detailing Strengths and Areas of Improvement

If your score is on the National Level Top 10 winners Leaderboard, you get

  • Merit certificate from EduBridge
  • Scholarship
  • Direct job
  • ScoreCard
Frequently Asked Questions

No, this is an exclusive national level employability test conducted by EduBridge and is completely FREE to undertake

This employability evaluation will easily help to measure your current level of employability skills and understand the right blend of cognitive skills, proficiency levels and industry-specific skills you will require for your desired job role that you wish to target.

This employability evaluation will easily help to measure your current level of employability skills and understand the right blend of cognitive skills, proficiency levels and industry-specific skills you will require for your desired job role that you wish to target.

Based on the Scores, if you fall in:

  1. Top 5% ➔ A Grade ➔ 90% Scholarship ➔ test score 91% - 100%
  2. Top 10% ➔ B Grade ➔ 60% Scholarship ➔ test score 71% - 90%
  3. Top 35% ➔ C Grade ➔ 40% Scholarship ➔ test score 51% - 70%
  4. Top 50% ➔ D Grade ➔ 20% Scholarship ➔ test score < 50%

The results along with your detailed scorecard will be declared on *4th February, 2022 through an email on your registered email id.

The scorecard will be shared on your registered email id on 4th February 2022.