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Almost every product has its USP! They start out in a straightforward manner, but as you delve into comprehending the nuances of the product, the beauty seems to arise out of the simplicity and the complexity is further pronounced. That’s exactly what Spring works! It has become a foundation for Java web development, by metamorphosing into a mandatory and an indispensable part of Java. So much so that you’ll need to prove your skills for Spring Framework in almost all interviews as a Java web developer. Hence it’s no surprise that Spring becomes the first step for your journey to become a Java web developer.

You can understand why java Spring is a crucial requisite, using some of the points enlisted below.


  • Omnipresent : To put in simple words, it is everywhere. Due to its credibility, bang-on performance over time and flexibility, it is a favourite of developers all around the world. Right from Big tech till the smallest of daily usage such as streaming your TV or shopping online, Spring is used to write Java.
  •  Flexible : Spring lets you do your magic and create any type of application as it is universally trusted. Armed with Inversion of Control (IoC) but more importantly Dependency Injection (DI), the latter enabling the developer to write reusable yet loosely coupled application classes. This frees you to write complex Java applications with ease. Spring has the ability of manifesting your vision!
  • Effective : As it has its own ecosystem, it can collaborate with its other tools such as Spring Cloud with Spring Boot. Thus letting you use all the features of its framework seamlessly.

  • Time-saver : With the most of the manual labour of Auto-wiring and boiler plate coding taken care of by Spring and the configuration done with Spring Boot – your job is done, more or less. It supports the reactive (nonblocking) programming model imparting greater efficiency.
  • Safe : Since it has its own ecosystem, the security is maintained with regular updates and monitoring. Regarding third party dependencies, they closely scrutinised to keep data and applications secure. Moreover, industry-standard security schemes are ensured with Spring Security.
  • Community oriented : Spring does not judge you no matter who you are. Whether you’re a coding veteran or someone who has just started out, all are welcome. It takes care of the Spring community from across the globe. And the shorter learning curve makes certain that the teething issues are limited.

Now that you have understood the ‘Why’ of Spring, let us understand the ‘What’ and ‘How’ of Spring.

  • Micro-services: Imagine small blocks of Lego stacked on top of each other to form a huge building. Each small-block has its own structure and is independent of the composite building. Many such microservice blocks are present in Spring. And with Spring Cloud, you can easily administer and boost fault tolerance.
  •  Reactive : The uninterrupted design of spring makes it easier for one to achieve a lot more from computing resources.
  • Cloud: Spring has an armory full of tools to help you build smooth-functioning applications. With the Spring Cloud, you can code without unnecessary hurdles of logging off, re-logging, etc. Thus saving you a ton of hard work and precious time.
  • Web Applications: By removing the obstacles and releasing you from writing needless boilerplate code Spring makes you efficient to code. You get a modern web programming model that streamlines the development of server-side HTML applications, REST APIs, and bidirectional, event-based systems.
  • Serverless: Spring offers unmatched flexibility and agility. This means it can scale up or down based on your demand.
  • Event-Driven: It pretty much flexes itself according to the need of the enterprise. It reacts on the basis of how the data is fed.
  • Batch Processing: Making things easier by processing large amounts of data in smaller batches making sure the quality neither efficiency are compromised. Including Spring Boot or other features from the Spring toolbox helps you create mission-critical batch applications.

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