Who is EduBridge? Is EduBridge Real or Fake?


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About EduBridge

Back in the day, the media served as a watchdog, and journalists were in charge of analyzing a situation and bringing out the truth. Gradually people realized that the media was being biased, and as social media stepped in, public opinion mattered and people took over the responsibility of culling out the truth. In many cases, it worked, but in many other cases lurking questions still remain. Similarly, as an organization, EduBridge’s existence is being questioned. Is EduBridge REAL OR FAKE?

Which is why I thought I’d clear the air and answer the question. Who are we? And what do we do?

EduBridge is India’s leading Workforce Development Platform that helps learners in building careers with leading corporates through training & other career-building services

EduBridge is an Integrated Workforce Development Organization started by IIM alumni & professors in October 2009, EduBridge impacts the entire Career Development life cycle of the unemployed youth of the country. We help the unemployed youth to understand their strengths, build tomorrow’s skills needed by recruiters and secure employment with them, thereby building sustainable careers for our beneficiaries.

Early Years

Before EduBridge came into being in 2009, I was working with noteworthy companies like Edilwisse and Proctor & Gamble. I have worked extensively in the rural pockets of India and realized that the youth residing in the underserved pockets of the country were languishing in the apathy of a job famine. The youth were educated but lacked the required skill set to get into the corporate space. They were forced to sign up for the government sector, which was indeed limited in its own right. While I was seeing their potential while away I decided on quitting my job, marrying my social interest together with my commercial interest, and kick-starting a workforce development platform that would bridge the widening gap between the employer and employee.

In 2009, EduBridge saw the light of day, and today, we are one of the better-known EdTech companies that provide a skilled talent pool that gets placed at prominent multinationals of the likes of Amazon Web Services, Capgemini, Standard-Chartered, Atos Syntel, Accenture, EXL, IndusInd, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Reliance, and many more.

Is Edubridge Fake or Real?

EduBridge is a 100% real company trusted by hundreds/thousands of students across the country which provides employment  to unemployed youth through training & other career-building services . we have trained over 150,000 youth and placed around 100,000 learners in more than 300 companies across the country

Skilling with a purpose

Understanding the process

  • The process is very simple indeed.
  • Beneficiary participates in a training program.
  • These beneficiaries are constantly evaluated on a periodic basis through assignments and tests.
  • As beneficiaries near the end of the program, they are lined up for interviews.
  • As soon as they go through the required number of rounds they are absorbed into the workforce.
  • During the couse of the program beneficiaries are trained on strengthening their domain skills, and even on enhancing their soft skills. They are groomed to surpass corporate interviews and excel at their workplace.
  • Even after being placed these beneficiaries are handlend by the councellors from EduBridge to minimise the attrition between the employer and employee.

The need for Soft Skills

To emerge as a successful team-leader or player you need to excel with both soft skills and domain skills. Soft skills include communication, teamwork, and problem-solving, and they are essential for succeeding in the workplace. This is where Edubridge steps in. At Edubridge,we offer a variety of courses that can help you develop soft skills incorporated within the program we encourage beneficiaries to participate in activities that circumvent communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. Additionally, we train beneficiaries for their interview rounds as well.

The String of Opportunities

It is not always possible for candidates to get through the first round of interviews as hard as we try. But most of them learn from their mistakes and are often absorbed on the second or the third try. Incase things do not pan out as planned, we do have a string of opportunities lined up for you to make the most of it.


The need for Tech

At EduBridge we have a stronghold on research that cited the growing importance for tech and banking professionals in the years to follow. Keeping that in mind our programs do involve training learners and professionals well enough for a future-forward banking and tech segment that aligns with the advancing requirements of the workforce.

Skilling with a purpose

At EduBridge we believe that skilling down not only help learners and professionals acquire relevant placements but also puts them in an economically liberating position. As an organization we cater to learners and professional from every income group giving them an opportunity to work with noteworthy multinational organizations that offer an attractive pay pack that is beneficial to the individual and the household, and the overall health of the nation’s economy.

Skilling in the tech space has opened up unending avenues for women to enabling them to emerge as financial contributors to the household and the nation as well.

Industry Aligned Certification

EduBridge takes pride in collaborating with enterprises of repute. By doing this we are helping enterprises with a flow of talent that enlivens the profitability of the organization and yet helping these enterprises save on the costs that would incur in reskilling their talent from time to time. The industry-aligned certification helps beneficiaries acquire placements in the relevant industry with greater ease. The certification certainly add weight to the resume.


Going Hybrid

The pandemic taught us to move from a physical model of learning to an online model in a matter of days. Today keeping the busy schedule of learners and professionals in mind we are choosing to operate by a hybrid model so that the beneficiaries are in touch with technology, and yet find a way of advancing their interpersonal skills. We are also trying to adopt an educational model which employs a better outreach and is simultaneously cost-effective and reduces carbon footprint.

Vision and Mission

According to us at EduBridge, there are two things that are constant in life, one is change and the other one is learning. This is why as an organization we are advocating the virtues of life-long skilling. We hope to emerge as life-long education partners in the near future and are fast working towards turning this possibility into a reality as well.

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Notable Mentions

This section that lists some of the noteworthy articles which can be read at https://www.edubridgeindia.com/our-impact


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