Cybersecurity Salaries in India: A Comprehensive Guide

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After doctors and CA’s, IT is considered the most rewarding profession. With Information Technology having many facets to it, the demandor wizards in this industry has never died down.    With the increased use of web tools in every sector, cyberspace has proved advantageous to many. But with the advantage, there also comes security concerns. Owing to this organizations have taken up the hiring of cyber security professionals more seriously. As per a report released by Kaspersky Security Network India has witnessed a 37% rise in cyber attacks since the first quarter of 2020. This figure itself is enough to know the demand for Cyber Security professionals.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is all about safeguarding networks, systems, devices, and confidential data from external malicious threats like phishing, scams, ransomware, viruses to name a few.  Security threats

The types of Cyber Security:

What kind of paychecks does cyber security draw?

Cyber Security is diverse and every organization hires professionals depending upon their requirements. Bigger organizations have various levels of cyber security experts while smaller firms function with one or two professionals. With everyone eager to know which path to choose, we have identified the most demanding jobs in this category and the kind of pay scale they demand.

  • Network Security Engineer:    

Responsibility: He is responsible for protecting organizations’ assets from external threats and also needs organizational, technical, and communication expertise. He not only resolves current issues but safeguards future threats. They also ensure the smooth functioning of routers, firewalls, VPNs, and other network monitoring tools.

Payscale: Ranging between 4 – 8 Lakhs per annum INR.

  • Cyber Security Analyst:

Responsibility: The primary responsibility is to plan, implement and upgrade security controls. They safeguard systems and networks from unauthorized access, alteration, or threats. It is also their responsibility to put in place processes and best practices to avoid any kind of security breach.

Payscale: Ranging between 5 – 6 lakhs per annum INR.

  • Security Architect:

Responsibility: As the name suggests, he is the one who designs the security network in an organization. He works closely with the programming team and creates designs based on the needs of the organization. In addition to this, he also designs policies and protocols for cyber security.

Payscale: Ranging between 17 – 22 lakhs per annum INR.

  • Cyber Security Manager:

Responsibility: He has a team of IT professionals working under him and it is his responsibility to ensure that optimum security procedures and protocols are maintained. To ensure maximum security procedure, he conducts regular checks and reviews servers, routers, networking systems and makes necessary changes in policies as per the needs. Constant upskilling will help to grow and reach this level.

Payscale: Ranging between12 lakhs per annum INR.

  • Chief Information Security Officer:

Responsibility: In most of the organizations Chief Information Security Officer is a part of the top management team/decision-makers. He is the one who oversees the entire IT department. A CISO strategizes, manages operations, and allocates budgets for the IT department.

Payscale: Average annual salary of CISO is around 23lakhs per annum INR.

  • Ethical hackers:

Responsibility: Ethical hackers are the ones who are like the soldiers who identify and protect organizations from other external hackers. The services of such hackers are considered legitimate.

Payscale: Ranging between 5 to 6 lakhs per annum INR.

With Cyber Security becoming a lucrative career option, every professional wants to stay ahead of the game by constantly up-skilling with a variety of courses available in India. These courses offer not just technical knowledge but also case studies and projects that prepare you for the challenging yet rewarding profession.

(Key note – Please note that the mentioned salary amount is according to the national average.)
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