How to Get a Tech Job Without a Tech Background: Tips, Strategies, and Insights

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The Job market is undergoing tectonic shifts. The dynamics are more technologically inclined owing to the ongoings of the fourth digital revolution. Presently, employers are concerned about possessing the right skill that match up to the domain skills. Employers are not interested in someone who once got their degree, is complacent and oblivious of the ongoing trends in the chosen field. Hence, it is a favourable time for those who are eager, lifelong learners and keep upbeats with trends. There are many paths for those who don’t hold degrees. But their skill needs to be complimented with diligence and hard work. There are certification courses one can undertake, to help enhance their career prospects. Even with the array of options, it is very easy to get lost in the tech jungle. Hence we have etched out a roadmap on how to get a tech job without tech background for you.


Step 1 : Understand your territory

To enter any field, you must gather as much information as you can before you set out. Educate yourself using an array of media that one can easily access these days (blogs, vlogs, newspaper articles, radio and a lot more). Learn from people who’ve already taken this road, get insight from them and learn from their experiences. Maintain a  list of pros and cons for each profile and insert necessary insights to make this more valuable. This gives you a critical overview of each job, helping you make informed decisions. Run a tooth-comb on the desired organisation’s working patterns and current ongoings. Get acquainted with the jargon and drop it in your conversations to uplift your confidence levels.

Step 2 : Strengthen your Tech skills

Any job needs you to have a basic skill set for any industry. If you familiarise yourself with the soft qualifications needed and master them, you are better suited for the job. Some of the skills needed are:

  1. Operating systems – Learn about OS like Microsoft, Macintosh, Linux, and many others as much as possible. They are expected out of you are easy to understand.
  2. Security – Learn  how security works with computers and internet. Understand the basics  of encryptions and firewalls.
  3. Networks – Knowledge of networks, IP addresses, and related information is expected.
  4. Other soft skills – Good communication, leadership, innovative thinking, thinking on your feet, is needed for IT. The more you hone these skills, the better your chances are.

Step 3 : Get certified

Giving you the credibility and acceptance needed to find a footing in this competitive field. Certified courses will enable you to chart the course better. Your learnings need to get accredited through a reputable organisation. A certified program will introduce you to world of Tech and introduce you to the nuances of tech jargon, fundamental basics and general layout of the field. Choose the course which suits you by checking out the syllabus they cover and the time needed to complete it.

Step 4 : Build your experience 

It all boils down to the experience you garner before you set out for any job. But the question of ‘chicken before the egg’ comes to play here. Worry not, there are many ways to gather experience in this field.

Coursework – Complete your courses where the projects and tasks are rated. If you go over and beyond than required, you can crack the interview with the help of dummy projects.

Personal projects – You can show your expertise in the field of your choosing by undertaking personal projects and succeeding in the same. This shows innovation and proactiveness on your part.

Freelancing – This option gives you experience, and get paid too! Test the waters before diving in.

Volunteering – You can be an eager volunteer at organisations and learn more than anywhere else.

  • Step 5 : Network 

Introduce yourself to the community of Tech via professional social networks like LinkedIn. You can cultivate a tribe by interacting with like-minded people in this field which give a peek in this world if not gain a job.

Step 6 : Start out

Everyone starts out small. Apply for entry-level jobs which do not ask much expertise giving you a hands-on experience. Some of the entry-level positions are – IT associate, Computer support specialist, System administrator, IT assistant, and many others.

To conclude, these days having a degree does not ensure that the holder is knowledgeable and abreast of all the updates in the world of Tech. If you find yourself a proper fit in this field, you can get in without losing out on the years needed to get a degree with effective courses and certificates. Moreover, you can bring your outlook as an outsider and make unique contributions to this field.

Some of the advancing tech field, that do not require fancy degrees include, Cloud Computing and Architecture, Software testing, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence. Basic Digital Literacy will land you in the position of a Social media manager as well.

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