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The transition from traditional to completely digital mediums in this post-pandemic era has been a major change for almost all companies globally. From recruitment to training and from expenses to incentives, each process underwent a digital reconstruction or a mixed bag of both traditional and digital elements.

With a lot of organizations opening up positions for potential employees, independent professionals are finding more and more ways to ace the interview process and stand out to their hiring managers. Mentioned below are a few hacks that will help you with How to Crack the Interview, both virtually and in person.


Take the Tech test​

It is essential to have complete control over your technology to make sure all the gadgets and devices are in order for your online interview. Check your wi-fi connection, microphone and sound clarity along with the lighting in the room so you can be clearly visible to your interviewer. Place your laptop or tablet at a preeminent surface and make sure you’re looking straight into the camera while replying to the recruiter and not at the screen. Check and cross check the points mentioned here well in advance to prevent any glitches during the interview.

First impressions​

Be it virtually or in person, do not compromise on your appearance- making a confident first impression is important as it shows the recruiter that you care about the brand that is YOU. Dress professionally and avoid fancy clothing filled with bright colours, after all, you want the interviewer to look at you and not your clothes!

Do your homework​

The web answers all possible questions on what could be asked at an interview. Make sure that your reply has a candid element to it. Anything rehearsed could rob you of your chance of making it up the ladder. Also, researching trends and statistics about your industry and current job role always has an added advantage during the Q&A rounds.

Actions speak louder than words​

Your body language is being watched at all times. You must allow yourself to use a few gestures while communicating. Just in case you’re asked a tricky question, keep calm, and collect your thoughts before you reply. You can always take a second to streamline the thoughts on your mind and then compose the answer to the questions presented in front of you.

Also, establishing a rapport with the interviewer will not only help you develop connections, but will also relieve the unwarranted anxiety.

Keep calm and go get it!​

Remember that prepping for a virtual interview is just as important as preparing for a walk-in meeting. Confidence, patience and honesty could be just the key you’re looking for to crack your dream role. You must also value the time and effort of the interviewer in considering your application while the whole on-going process can be exhausting for them as well. Lastly, remember to never overlook the need to upskill or reskill yourself from time to time. This improves your prospects in a job market that is rife with opportunities ONLY if you’re digitally sound, and are game to hustle beyond and onwards!


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