How to Make a Good Linkedin Profile

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Why is a Good LinkedIn profile important?

In this competitive world, one must stay several steps ahead of competitors to win the race. With the growing number of competitors in this professional race, being able to present your qualifications and achievements properly is crucial for getting an edge over others in terms of opportunities. The tech-savvy world has adopted different modes of identifying potential, and so have the hiring professionals. LinkedIn is one platform where candidates can express their willingness or qualifications to work, and hirers can tap this talent and potential. In order to get an edge over other contenders, a good LinkedIn profile is of great use as it showcases your professional version and attracts the target audience.

The Holistic Guide to a Charismatic LinkedIn Profile

  • A Professional Snapshot and Headshot

Your picture is one of the most necessary and primary elements of making an impressive profile. A suitable picture gives the viewers an insight into the looks of the person they might be looking to connect with. Now, this is where you make the first effort to create a profile that stands out from the crowd- A professional photograph that looks formal in a relaxed manner. A professional picture, where you preferably are wearing a formal dress and look comfortable in it, is just the right picture you need for that profile. Secondly, adding your name without any other fancy prefixes or suffixes is very important. You may add your preferred pronouns to make the profile more attractive and catchy.

  • A Striking Headline

Since the headline is positioned right below the name and the profile picture, it is one of the first things that catches the viewers’ attention. The headline has to be a mixture of attractive adjectives along with your profession or the work you do. For example, if you run an NGO that helps dogs, you could write ‘A human engaged in assisting faithful paws in leading a happy life’. Headlines should always be written with an optimistic attitude that keeps the viewer attentive to the profile and intrigues them.

  • A Magnetic Summary

The summary on your profile is a brief encapsulation of the role that you might be playing in your current job profile or, putting it more simply, it is the ‘story’ of your day or your experience. LinkedIn has a 2000-character limit set for the summary section, so give yourself a heads-up to write a brief ‘story’ of your professional role. While writing the summary, two crucial things need to be kept in mind. The summary should keep you glued to your field of work. Secondly, due to the significantly less attention span of modern-day viewers, the summary should not necessarily fill up the entire 2000-character limit.

  • Outlining Your Experience

Adding the most relevant experience you have in terms of jobs, internships, or volunteering is essential as it steers your profile towards related people. Feel free to exclude any redundant or irrelevant experience, or remove any that is not in flow with your current job position or the one you seek. Under every experience added to the profile, one must add the achievements and takeaways from that particular experience as it provides an insight into the pre-existing knowledge.

  • Get Going with Making Connections

Connect and send invites to the relevant professionals in the field that you are pursuing, as it helps you make connections with them that prove to be valuable down the professional line. Unlike other social media platforms, connections on LinkedIn are not defined by their number but by the quality of the connections one makes. So be wise in making connections; sending a greeting text to new connections is never a bad idea.

  • Get Relevant Recommendations and Endorsements

Recommendations on your profile often increase its value and create a positive impression on the viewers. Don’t forget to ask your seniors to post recommendations on your profile to give you that boost and a head start in the career line. Endorsements for your skills by your colleagues, but mostly seniors, also reflects highly on your profile. First, it showcases your skills; second, the endorsements prove that you possess those skills.

  • The Causes You Care About

Ticking off the boxes of the causes you care for helps you gain the attention of people with similar interests and enables you to connect with them.

  • Keep the Page Updated

The task does not end at just creating a profile. The activeness of the profile defines its reach. To keep your profile active, always keep it updated, that is, share relevant news, articles, experiences, accomplishments, etc., with your connections, by posting them. Adding hashtags to these posts increases the outreach of such posts and attracts an audience to the profile.

The LinkedIn profile is a creative way of showing off your talents and experiences and putting them to use by making connections and getting jobs. Thus in the new world, it is a remote way of procuring and showcasing potential. The tips mentioned above will help you to prepare an efficient and compelling profile, but remember to be truthful and neat at all times. Happy surfing!

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