TeamBridge Is Our Flagship Program Focused Towards Providing High-Quality Training And High-Quality Jobs To Unemployed Youth.

What do we do?

We offer over 50 courses across 8 sectors at various locations across India through the EduBridge Career Academy. The focus in TeamBridge is to establish, manage and operate skill development centers across India to act as a bridge between unemployed youth and the industries seeking skilled manpower. We offer both entry- and advanced – level courses. While the entry-level courses aim to impart employable skills the advanced-level courses enable the existing industrial workforce acquire skills for vertical and horizontal mobility through a wide range of up skilling and cross skilling programs.

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EduBright Foundation

1st tier is aimed at teaching skills that will be essential in any workplace. It ensures that our candidates hit the ground running and stand-out as good performers against their peers at work who would have had no formal skills-based training

EduBright Specialization

Concepts are taught through relevant videos, visuals & stories and behavioural change achieved through action learning, role-plays & activities that are for learning. Regular counseling and assessment of the candidates, with guidance provided to building careers within the rural industry.