Who do we work with?

We work with several sections of students at different stages of their student lives. This ensures that we are available with our services to all the prospective contributors to the Indian workforce

As a part of our vision to impart skills based and employment linked training to unemployed youth across the country, we work with several government departments – Central & State to reach as many youth as we can. Through the government machinery, we are provided access to the unemployed youth in villages & small towns who undergo intensive training with us across a variety of courses after which they are all given access to several employment opportunities. This enables us to expand our reach and provide our services to the remotest of areas in the geographies that we operate in.

We provide training to?

High School

We provide vocational training & employability linked training in schools to enable the students to channelize their energies towards their area/sector of strength from a very early age

ITI & Polytechnic

We work as a finishing school for these diploma students providing them training on English & soft skills thereby enabling them to appear in front of companies as complete resources

Degree Colleges

We work extensively with degree college students across their 3-4 years of undergraduate studies to build them as productive resources for corporate India.

Unemployed youth

Through the Edubridge Skill Development Centers, we provide training to the unemployed youth who are not a part of the formal education system anymore. These courses are all backed with 100% job guarantee and provide a second chance to all those who have dropped out of the formal education system.